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Little Caesars Arena has one big competitor: you deciding to watch sports from the comfort of your couch. So when the new facility was being designed, they needed to create a brand new experience. This was done by activating every inch of the concourse. 

Bluewater provided assist on the concourse, designing, manufacturing, and integrating brand activations for Meijer, Huntington Bank, Comerica Bank, and Belfor at each of the stadium’s entrances. In addition to these activations, the team outfitted the space with over a dozen LED screens to provide delivery of content that includes promotional materials and live game feeds.


My name is Molly Wurdack-Folt, and I’m the Director of Marketing Strategy here at Olympia Entertainment and the Detroit Redwings. Olympia Entertainment is a very diverse sports and entertainment property, here in the district Detroit, right here in the heart of downtown.

We were looking for a vendor who was going to be able to think creatively for us and be able to bring some of these ideas and these concepts that we had to life, and Bluewater had come highly recommended. The thing that stuck out to me the most was that Bluewater was innovative. They really came up with new, creative concepts, they were solution finders, they were problem solvers, and that was important because we had never done this before.

Bluewater is the expert in spaces like this, and we really leaned on their expertise to bring some of that to life. We wanted this building to be state of the art, top-notch, and we wanted it to be the most progressive building that had been built to date, and you can see that in everything, from our video clusters that Bluewater did for us, to our interactive experiences that are around the building.

Technology has been driving everything forward to this point, and it’s very much present within Little Caesars Arena. As we went through the project, again, we walked hand in hand together. They helped us through any of the challenges that we may have faces, they educated us in areas that we may not have been familiar with, and their scope of work on the project was so vast.

There was a lot of work with the LED installations in multiple areas of the building, our community impact wall which is shared by both the Detroit Redwings and the Detroit Pistons, and then certainly the three major sponsorship activation areas within the building that were constructed, fabricated, and installed by Bluewater. The vast, sort of, breath with which Bluewater can execute was fantastic.

Check out the full case study here. If you want to chat about your next project, reach out!