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For corporate design teams looking to be especially innovative in planning and implementing new visual spaces, LED video technology has been the answer for years. Video walls add a dynamic, creative element to any space, whether it’s a conference room or a corporate lobby. As these graphic elements have become the norm, however, designers are stuck looking for the next big thing in visual engagement. The answer is mosaic video displays.

What are mosaic video displays?

Think about a blank wall in your office. Now think of it covered with an LED screen. This screen could play a welcome video, project a slideshow, or stream a big game if needed. Now, think of a video wall with the capability to do all of these things at once, without sacrificing design or simplicity.

This is how a mosaic video display works. Instead of a single LED screen, mosaic displays are made up of multiple screens organized into a single display that can function both together and separately. The best part? Thanks to multiple designs, resolutions, and sizes, your team doesn’t have to skimp of display quality to get the design you want.  

Now, your team can welcome visitors into a lobby with multiple welcome messages or videos on a single wall. You can video chat with partners from around the world with every person on their own high-resolution screen. You can even present from multiple devices at a company meeting to ensure no details go unnoticed. The possibilities are literally endless.  

What you need to know now.

Right off the bat, mosaic video displays provide an incredibly engaging display of creativity and innovation to anyone visiting or collaborating with your team. Instead of delivering a standard visual interaction with a single LED screen, mosaic displays offer a dynamic, fresh approach to an otherwise tried-and-true brand experience – one that visitors, customers, or partners won’t soon forget.

Additionally, mosaic video displays allow teams to multitask with visual elements in a whole new way. Whereas teams of the past had to try to fit as many displays or video elements into a single clip or still, mosaic displays allow for multiple visuals at once for even more engagement and collaboration. Teams are no longer forced to cut out what can’t fit or remove something (or someone) from a presentation due to space.

On the other hand, there can be some difficulties with mosaic displays when it comes to setup and installation. In order for a mosaic video wall to function properly, it must be able to display full resolution video both as a group of screens and as individual segments. Without correct wiring and integration on the back-end, the actual functionality could be impacted on the front-end.

Also important is ease-of-use. Corporate teams should always be aware that anyone might need to use whatever technology is on hand. As such, it’s silly to invest in large-scale technology projects that are hard or confusing to understand. If you’re going to make the leap into mosaic video displays, make sure there are enough training resources available to ensure everyone has access to your new technology.

Ready to learn more? Mosaic video displays are part of the next generation of graphic elements and are great for organizations who want to remain innovative and cutting edge in the space. If you’re thinking about investing in a mosaic video display or just want to learn more about the technology, the team at Bluewater is here to help. Schedule your personal consultation today!