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When fans arrive at the arena, they have expectations for more than just the game. They go to be entertained from the moment they walk into the arena until they exit to go home. If the fans simply wanted to watch the game, they wouldn’t pay the premium price of tickets, hassle with parking, or hand over exorbitant amounts of cash for sugary, often subpar arena food. As an increasing number of fans are turning to their “big screen” TVs, comfortable recliners, and in-home fan caves, teams and arenas must give fans added incentives and experiences to attend live. Gone are the days when fans experienced fear of missing out on the next big play or moment by not attending on game day. This is especially true of real-time sporting events post-pandemic, from NASCAR to the NHL.

Elevating the fan experience isn’t always easy, and it takes some serious thought, effort, and creativity through arena marketing. However, the resulting smiles from families and lifelong memories for the fans are well worth it. Plus, successful sports activations will grow the fan base and provide more opportunities for moments to go viral on social media. Below, we’ll share three stadium activation ideas that you can use to drive sponsorship activation in sports, increase fan engagement, and take the arena experience to the next level.

Idea #1: Install LED Flooring

LED flooring provides the perfect opportunity to display photos, monograms, logos, and much more. The captivating lights draw your fans’ attention to the exact point in the area you want them to see. Tiles can be lit individually or used to create an entire stage. LED flooring is easy to install and remove before and after the events. Whether you need them placed on a removal stage or in breezeways, this exciting feature keeps fans captivated and waiting for more.

Need some inspiration? During NBA All-Star Weekend Bluewater worked with, MTN DEW to provide an interactive fan experience with LED basketball. Fans were prompted where to shoot by a lit up LED tile. Once the fun was over, the court converted into an interactive stage for a live Migos performance. Check out this incredible video to see the energy come to life! 

Led Flooring paired with interactive gaming

Idea #2: Use the Power of Video with Projection Mapping

A wonderful addition to your arena marketing is projection mapping. It works by displaying videos onto nearly any object to keep fans entertained when commercial breaks occur during live games. You can also use projection mapping to add effects during half-time shows to keep fans engaged in what’s happening on the court even when they’re running to the nearest vendor for a refill. To highlight sponsorship activation in sports, you can even display the biggest sponsors and create interactive graphics that are displayed right on fans in the stands. Talk about a win-win for sponsors AND fans! 

And last but not least, Bluewater has proper RFID and NFC credentials, so you can rest assured all of our projection equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

Detroit Lions NFL Jersey reveal
University of Michigan #Hailstorm Concepting

Idea #3: Turn the Fan Experience up a Notch with an Interactive Fan Engagement Kiosk

Arena marketing can greatly benefit from interactive in-stadium fan engagement kiosks placed strategically throughout the stadium. Photo booths can be fun, but they typically take too long. Plus, in this digital age, print photos can be difficult to keep track of during the fun and excitement of a game. New engagement kiosks bring in the best aspect of photo booths and display them on LED screens in the arena. From crazy virtual accessories to players on the field, it’s easy to add to your family selfie to create memories that will last long after the game.

Need some inspiration? Look no further than the Dallas Cowboys! At the start of the 2019 season, fans got a surprise as they walked into the arena! The masterminds at Bluewater created kiosks that allow fans to take selfies with their favorite Cowboys players, including quarterback Dak Prescott, running back Ezekiel Elliott, wide receivers Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb, center Travis Frederick, linebackers Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch, and right guard Zack Martin. Talk about trendsetting!

Wells Fargo Center Concourse Activation built by Bluewater

Your One-Stop Shop for Creating an Epic Arena Experience

Elevate your fans’ experiences and highlight sponsorship activation in sports with creative, interactive experiences from Bluewater. Create memories that last a lifetime while creating lifelong fans. 
Bluewater offers a variety of marketing and event technology, audiovisual integration, brand activation, retail fixturing, branded environments, and other creative services to capture and keep attendee attention. Contact Bluewater today to learn more about how we can bring your arena marketing strategies to life.