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The following is such a common problem in today’s workplace that even your team might have experienced it: a team is in a meeting and everything is going well until it comes time to switch presenter. The new presenter might not be called into the meeting, which means the entire team has to wait for the person to call in and then be made presenter. Or, when the person does become the presenter, it’s in the wrong form of presentation mode, rendering the slides useless to the audience. Whatever the issue, all of a sudden 15 minutes have passed that could have been put to better use. Presentation connectivity issues should never be a concern in your meetings.

The lack of efficiency due to technical barriers is hindering the modern workforce exponentially. When colleagues, customers, and partners are separated because of these technological barriers, it can hinder the information shared or the insights gleaned, which can set your business back a few steps. To overcome these roadblocks and operate on an altogether more efficient scale, innovative teams are turning to content collaboration tools like the Mersive Solstice Pod to transform the way they do business.

Instead of worrying about calling in or dealing with presenter rights, the Solstice Pod is an easy-to-use solution that allows multiple participants to share content directly from their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to any in-room display. WIthout any limitations on the number of users, an entire organization can comfortably connect and engage with each other to foster an environment of collaboration. Plus, it doesn’t even matter what device is being used: the Solstice Pod works with all operating systems.

As the twin themes of productivity and engagement become increasingly important in today’s corporate environment, collaboration solutions like the Solstice Pod are helping to improve meeting start times and engagement, increase productivity, and drive insights that might have been previously hidden beneath time-consuming admin tasks.

So, how is the Mersive Solstice Pod different from other wireless collaboration solutions on the market?

Secure on-network deployment: All it takes is plugging in the Solstice Pod and connecting it to an existing wi-fi network to get up and running. Your internal team can monitor usage rates while external users can connect through a guest network – making it perfect for on-site customers and partners.

Enterprise-grade security: Unfortunately, we’re living in a world where data hacks are a daily issue. The Solstice Pod was developed with the strictest IT security policies in mind, making it the perfect option for businesses with lengthy security and configuration options.

Expansive remote capabilities: For many teams, a growth in remote teams is what prevents them from investing in an innovative onsite collaboration solution. Unlike its competitors, the Solstice Pod works in conjunction with Skype for Business to seamlessly showcase remote participants and audience members that have joined via the Skype for Business channel.

Solstice-backed software maintenance: We get it – every new technological relationship comes with a learning curve. The Solstice-backed software maintenance program ensures that your team is always up to date with new features and software updates. Plus, with an amazing on-boarding program, you’ll team will be up and running in no time.
While it might be tempting to run out and get the Solstice Pod set up for your team immediately, you need to make sure your current wireless infrastructure ca n handle such a powerful tool. Schedule your one-on-one call a Bluewater audiovisual integration specialists to receive a holistic review of your current integration landscape and to discuss possible options to implement a collaboration platform like the Solstice Pod in your organization.