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The Virtual Meeting

The Future of Meetings Includes Virtual

The live event landscape is changing. Yes, we all expect the traditional live event to return at some point, but the evolution of virtual meetings is certainly here to stay. At Bluewater, we believe in you having options and that includes the possibility of having a virtual component to any live event we produce.

As brands, agencies, and even smaller companies seek to navigate the landscape ahead there are a multitude of options available. For those looking for a truly interactive and conversational experience that is platform agnostic, the Bluewater Virtual Meeting can fill your need. The Virtual Meeting is just one form of three virtual offerings from Bluewater and is perfect for everything from executive summits and town halls, to larger meetings where conversation between participants is paramount.

At a glance

Perfect for any meeting where the free-flow of conversation between attendees is a must.

  • Town Halls
  • Company Updates
  • Meetings of All Sizes
  • Executive Summits
  • Shareholder Meetings 
  • Large Remote Staff Meetings

How It Works

The Overview

A Bluewater operator silently sits in the meeting. Working off of a show flow either given to them, or that they help to create, they manage the following:

  • Admitting Attendees
  • Muting & un-muting as necessary
  • Defining the gallery view
  • Setting-up Virtual Breakout Rooms
  • Sending & Recalling breakout sessions
  • Transitioning to content when needed.

VIDEO: Navigating Virtual Events in the Post-Coronavirous World

Our approach

They say you’re only as good as your last event – we believe that. That is why we offer a white glove experience for our clients. Our virtual event offerings and platform includes everything needed to design, engineer, and run a perfect virtual event. We can jump in and provide services ranging from consulting & planning to production and moderation. There’s a reason we are trusted by some of America’s most iconic brands. 

We’re highly collaborative by nature, so most of our projects involve a slightly different cast of characters; internal marketing teams, brand leaders, agencies, event producers, design firms, or even talent. Regardless of who needs to be involved, we follow the same proven process to deliver exceptional results that let our clients focus on the messaging they need to deliver, instead of the details around the delivery.  

All of our projects begin with conversation around design, even if we’re not the designer. This creates alignment around the environment, the virtual flow, and final meeting details. These conversations include our technical & engineering teams so ideas are built on feasible foundations, not pipe dreams where no one wins. 

Opportunity Alignment
What’s the desired outcome? Where are the guardrails?

Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

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