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Virtual Conferences

Endless Possibilities

For your next virtual conference, we invite you to see why we are the trusted provider for some of America’s most iconic brands. With a Bluewater virtual conference the possibilities are truly endless. Maybe you have a large general session you now need to transition to virtual instead of in-person, or perhaps your looking to run a virtual trade show. We can do both of those things with high levels of production value and creative ease.

Your next virtual conference can be managed completely. From scheduling & planning presentation flows; to creating virtual stages with multiple views, we have you covered. The Bluewater difference insures you have a flawless conference.

Interactivity sets the virtual conference apart. Maybe you want to chat one-on-one, have a virtual breakout session, or even gamify with trivia. All of those things can be done with Bluewater’s virtual conference offering. Our clients are like family, they all get the white glow treatment. We’d love to talk to you about your virtual conference plans.

At a glance

Virtual conferences combine aspects of both Live Streaming and Virtual Meetings. The main difference is that they house everything in an interactive platform that includes more for participants to explore.

They’re perfect for:

  • Large General Sessions
  • Tradeshows
  • Networking Events
  • Events requiring Virtual Booths
  • Events with Multiple Breakouts

How It Works

The Overview-Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are the most complete virtual experience Bluewater offers. There are many possibilities from branded stages, to virtual trade-shows, even interactive gamification within the conference itself. There are components of both a live stream and a virtual meeting in a virtual conference. You still get all of the moderation and technical components of our other offerings, with the splash of a high production value virtual conference.

  • Registration
  • Virtual Stages
  • Breakout/Rotation Sessions
  • Convention Floor & Exhibitor Booths
  • One-on-One Video Calls
  • Group chat

Virtual Stage

We customize your virtual stage space, and backgrounds to match your brand or the content of your presentation during a virtual conference or general session. 

  • Custom Environment
  • Brandable Sponsorship Areas
  • Direct Ability to Download Documents
  • View Attendee Lists

Scheduling & Rotation Sessions

We know, you may need to schedule virtual breakouts, one-on-ones, or even two or more smaller virtual sessions. That’s why we are excited to offer an easy to understand scheduling tool and the ability to prompt/push attendees between sessions.

  • Organize content by topic or type
  • Ability to add a personal schedule
  • Customizable Scheduling View
  • Session Descriptions

Panel View

Customizing the panel view to account for multiple presenters or even having those multiple presenters in differing locations is important. Equally important is the ability create content around those views that is hyper-branded and conveys your optimal message to the audience. 

  • Custom Graphic treatments for panelist view
  • Moderated & Customizable Q&A
  • Live Polling
  • Conversational or One-to-Many

VIDEOS: View our On Demand Virtual Event Series

Branded Spaces

In a typical virtual meeting the ability to brand a virtual experience is lost. In our virtual conference offering we provide the opportunity to build booths, stages, breakout rooms, and more that are branded and provide rich media opportunities. 

  • Custom Booth Design
  • Booth Style Chat Rooms
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Rich Content (Links, Downloads, Media)
  • Gamification Elements
  • Custom Virtual Spaces

Virtual Trade Shows

Take attendees through a tradeshow floor. Each stop along the conference hall presents a new exhibitor through live stream or prerecorded interactive content. 

  • Individual branded booth spaces
  • Individual Chat Rooms
  • Multiple Exhibitor Halls 
  • Map & Booth Descriptions
  • Tradeshow Overview
  • Ability to Chat with Booth Attendees

Other Virtual Conference Options

There are a plethora of industry leading options available within a Bluewater virtual conference. Rewards, interactive gamifications, and best-in-class analytics highlight the offering.

  • Profile Creation for speakers & attendees
  • Trivia & Gamifications
  • One-to-One Video Booths
  • Digital Incentivization
  • Prizing & Redemption
  • Analytics (Engagement data, time tracking, CRM integration).

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