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As businesses grow and become more tech immersive, there is more demand for innovative solutions designed to streamline processes and improve collaboration. Traditionally these products were designed for the conference space and required being housed in a rack of equipment – not ideal for small spaces like offices. More frequently these devices have been minimized, to fit behind a display, or sit out in the open. One of the newest products to hit the market in this latter category is the Crestron Mercury™ This innovative take on corporate collaboration and communication provides an all-in-one conferencing / phone / control / scheduling experience in a simple desktop format.

Why an all-in-one solutions matter

Workplace collaboration tools continue to evolve as a result of the growing dependence on technology to stay connected and share information. Many businesses leverage new solutions to operate on a more efficient level, and others rely on tech to impress customers to win new business or attract and retain new talent. When the solutions get to be overwhelming to use, or are cost-prohibitive, support for mass deployment generally fails and the technology becomes reserved for special spaces like conference rooms that are managed by AV / IT teams. With newer offerings like the Crestron Mercury, organizations can:

  • Provide a uniform experience for communication and collaboration throughout all spaces – one that feels familiar from personal offices to a large conference space.
  • Outfit advanced technology in smaller spaces – cleaning up the look, making the space more useful, and increasing productivity.
  • Collaborate with others using the built-in wireless screen sharing to quickly connect laptops and other devices to a larger display.
  • Consolidate multiple pieces of hardware into one clean form factor that actually makes sense to deploy across general office spaces.

As far as the Mercury goes, features include an integrated SIP conference phone, room scheduling, wireless presentation to connect laptops and other devices without cables, a useful dashboard that displays when sharing is not occurring, and a built-in occupancy sensor for data analytics capture. A very useful tool that’s definitely geared toward smaller conference spaces, huddle rooms, personal offices but can certainly hold up in larger conference spaces.  

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