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Ubiquitous internet access and the ease of publishing content changed the way information is consumed, and the rise of social media drastically accelerated the pace of that consumption. Today, a digital content team is essential for boosting SEO, promoting brand awareness, and establishing effective lead generation strategies. Ultimately, digital content keeps you relevant, and your ability to create it defines your future success.

But rest assured: Your competitors count on a content strategy. Indeed, 85 percent of businesses rely on content marketing for lead generation. A simple blog can produce stunning results, including a 55 percent increase in web traffic and a 97 percent increase in inbound links. Your future success will be defined by your ability to create content and disseminate it, whether you create a blog, whitepaper, infographic, or webinar.

The life span of your digital assets is an important thing to consider, and it varies based on the publishing medium. Website content, for instance, can last for weeks or months. Expect evergreen content that’s designed around staying relevant to maintain a useful life of three months or more. If your industry moves quickly and new information is available frequently, your blog will need to reflect this pace.

Social media content should be updated daily, and a platform like Twitter that moves at breakneck speed can easily support 14 or more posts per day. LinkedIn and Facebook are less frenzied, and one or two posts per day is likely sufficient. If you’re not sure how often you should post, it’s never a bad idea to one-up your competitors. Even companies outside your industry can provide examples to emulate.

For example, Moosejaw is an outdoor apparel company that’s seen tremendous growth from its fun, edgy content. In a crowded marketplace, the company leverages its digital content team as a key differentiator. Beachbody is a fitness company that leverages content, but it has figured out how to let customers do the work. Most of the brand’s content is user-generated, and Beachbody shares it across social platforms at an incredible rate. User-generated content is an excellent tool for staying within your budget.

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