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Have you ever paid attention to the different kind of corporate lobbies out there? While some go all out with unique artwork, furniture, and brand activations, others go as minimal as possible, or worse, don’t seem to apply any thought to their entryway at all. Thinking about this spectrum of effort, it begs the question: How important is a lobby experience?

Consider the following thoughts. The lobby is the first thing your customers experience when they enter your facility, and the last thing they will experience when they leave. It’s generally also the first thing your employees experience when they walk in for the day, and the last thing they experience when they leave for the night. What the lobby says to those coming into your facility can set the tone for the experience they’re about to have with your brand, and what they’re feeling when they leave can impact how long they’re thinking about you after.

For most organizations the lobby is the first real opportunity to make a statement and immerse visitors into the brand. Rightfully so. This space provides a fantastic opportunity to speak with a relatively captive audience. It’s not uncommon to spend 5-10 minutes in a reception area while waiting for an appointment.

To capitalize on this captive time, many brands are incorporating tech into their lobbies to elevate the experience and turn down time into a touchpoint on the customer journey. What do these tech experiences look like? They could include: personalized digital signage that welcomes guests by names; interactive company timelines; or architecturally integrated media or “techoration.”

Follow along as we explore the different elements of a lobby experience. Want to chat about your lobby? Reach out!