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If there’s one channel that’s making waves in the display technology industry, it’s LED. Because of its brightness and customization, it’s the technology of choice for larger, more prominent display environments. Even if you don’t think you’ve seen it before, just thing: Times Square, stadium scoreboards, and even digital road signs are all using LED technology. 

As LED has quickly spread to all corners of the display world, corporate environments have not been left untouched. Thanks to higher resolutions and more automated technology, companies of all shapes and sizes are latching onto LED screens for boardrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, and more. No matter the space, there is an LED solution to fit the current and future needs of your team. 

With so many different uses, LED has become the go-to choice for innovative companies looking to add a bit of creativity to their building displays. Additionally, LED delivers:


LED technology is without compare when it comes to versatility and customization. There are so many uses for these types of displays, as well as various placement options and. In a boardroom, an LED display can welcome a group of customers before seamlessly transitioning to a presentation space. In a lobby, welcome signage and high-resolution logos can instantly make a new partner team feel welcome. And in a public atrium, an LED display can turn an otherwise traditional space into a conversation-worthy architectural design space. Plus, it’s not just the indoors that can benefit from LED signage. Inside, outside, walls, ceilings, floors – they’re all ready and willing for a creative LED display.


When it comes to designing and investing in an LED display, the logistics can sometimes make more fiscally-conscious teams a bit hesitant. In reality, however, the longevity of LED is phenomenal. Most LED displays have an average lifespan of around 100,000 hours or about 11 years of 24/7 display time before the brightness begins to dim. The financially sound investment of LED also comes with a nearly unanimous approval rating from visitors and customers, as LED is now the preferred choice for display technology in public spaces by leading brands. 


The incredible advancements in technology and innovation have resulted in LED displays that are sharp (even in bright sunlight) and amazingly high resolution. This universal visibility has made LED the go-to technology for multiple uses, including:


Thanks to a higher resolution in every single individual LED panel, close-up displays like those used in presentations and corporate communications are becoming the norm. The high resolution shortens the minimum viewing distance between an audience and display, allowing views to get close to the display in real-time. 


The dynamic, fluid nature of LED technology means designers can create a much more compelling and creative engagement solution than your typical TV screen. With curved panels, overlapping, and more, designers can completely transform spaces into unique, creative visual canvasses. 


Because of its strength in a myriad of environments, including bright sun and harsh weather, LED is the go-to solution for outdoor displays and signs. From sponsor logos to a real-time stadium scoreboard, LED delivers a solution that runs zero risk of being influenced by the elements.