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Want to revamp your office space and attract the brightest and best of the new generation? In an era where high-quality experiences are the norm, it’s essential to provide user-friendly, intuitive audio and video solutions. As Gen Z’s presence in the workforce continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to provide a stress-free, technologically advanced, and collaborative workspace. Here are a few ways to guarantee not only the satisfaction of your current employees but also appeal to the expectations and preferences of the emerging workforce.

One Source of Control

Remove the clutter of wires and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ confusion: A Shure Ceiling Microphone with a Crestron Touch Panel strategically placed on the conference table creates more space for those seated and with the press of a button, join and start your meeting without having to plug in. There is also no need for multiple microphones or remotes for them. Shure has a ceiling array microphone that blends seamlessly into any room and is controllable from the touch panel to easily mute or unmute.

Beyond Technology: Building Culture with Tech

The latest technology trends show that LED prices have significantly dropped, giving you a premium viewing experience at an affordable cost. Brands like Absen, K-Wav, and Planar are leading the way in delivering awe-inspiring and edgy solutions – But it’s not just about the technology or how a room works; it’s about using technology to create a cool architectural and immersive experience that sets the tone for your company. This technique is now being coined as “Tech-oration”. Take, for example, our successful initiatives with White Castle in their lobby or UWM.

Using AI for Automation and Simplification

With AI-powered automated camera systems and ceiling microphones that offer superior sound quality, simplicity is key. In a well-designed room, you don’t have to worry about multiple microphones or whether someone is muted or unmuted. Simplicity increases user engagement and traffic. Heard of Touchless? Simplify Camera Systems that utilize AI that runs itself to handle switching like Yealink  and Q-SYS.  

Occupancy Sensors Create One-Click Solutions

Instead of sitting at their desks, people are drawn to collaboration when rooms are easy to use. With touch panels on the table and occupancy sensors on the wall, Crestron’s custom programming offers a seamless experience. Just press “join” on Teams and let the magic happen. Ease of use enhances collaboration. Whether it’s the touch panel on the table, LED or the wall-mounted occupancy sensor, our custom programming and seamless integration makes it a breeze to join the conversation.

Ready to Upgrade your Office?

If the challenges posed by outdated AV equipment resonate with your office, it’s time to consider the transformative power of an upgrade. Bluewater is one of the nation’s leading AV Integrators. Trusted by top brands, Bluewater’s dedicated teams specialize in making conference rooms, boardrooms, training rooms, and lobbies more impactful and accessible for today’s workforce. Contact us today to get started!