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Studies have found that most shoppers make their purchasing decisions in store. For this reason, retail displays are critical for boosting brand awareness, educating shoppers, and ultimately increasing sales. In-store displays can offer great value to brands and retailers, but only if they are well executed. An effective retail display should be creative, unique, and engaging. Here are some tips on how to create eye-catching displays that will attract new customers and increase sales:

Know your Audience

The first and most important step to creating an effective retail display that will generate sales is to know your audience and understand how to best capture their attention. This means understanding what they want, what’s important to them, and creating displays that support those elements. Knowing your audience will dictate everything from what story you’re trying to tell, to what colors you use in your displays.

Utilize Interactive Technology

Adding interactive elements to your display gives people the opportunity to engage with the display itself so they can learn more about your products and be more encouraged to make a purchase. Interactive displays can be as simple as a small touchscreen with information about product options or something much larger scale such as the traveling in-store activation our team engineered for Adidas.

point of purchase displays

Adidas Power Pad

Step Outside the Box

Box shaped displays are now so commonplace in retail stores, they hardly make an impact with shoppers. Consider using unique shapes, sizes, and other unique features to capture your target shopper’s attention. Center aisle and freestanding displays are also a great way to capture shopper’s attention and allow for placement of products in relevant areas.

SpartanNash Biscuit Bar

Create an Immersive Experience

You don’t necessarily have to build something fancy and expensive to create an immersive environment for your customers. It’s possible to create a captivating experience by using just a few simple fixtures. Visualize the story you want to tell and ensure all of the components in your space are in line with that story. For example, Corsicana turned to the retail specialists at Bluewater to design and build a new space to display various brands of mattresses in their new showroom. The idea was to make the customer feel “at home” while they were shopping for a new mattress. We used various fixtures, furniture, and décor to make each space within the showroom feel more like a home and less like a store.

Corsicana Showroom

Encourage Shoppers to “Try Before they Buy”

Studies have shown that one of the top reasons people shop in brick and mortar stores instead of online is that physical retail enables shoppers to touch and feel items in person. Retail displays can be used to allow shoppers to see your product in action and try it out as they make their purchasing decision.

Bang & Olufsen Kiosk

Use the Right Colors and Lighting

Using the right colors in your display can make it pop even more. Since people are often influenced by colors without even knowing it, you might find market research about color psychology helpful. For example, the color blue has a soothing effect on people because it represents trust and security. This is why a lot of hospitals and financial institutions use blue in their logos.

Lighting is another great way to enhance your retail display. Incorporating LED Lighting into your displays is an effective way to make them more visually appealing and eye-catching. From bright and vivid colors to ultra white light, there are tons of options available to help shine the light on your products. In conclusion, utilizing the right color combinations and lighting  in your displays can attract attention, increase brand awareness and more.

Connect with our Display Specialists

We work with our clients to build custom fixtures, displays, and environments that help them make a positive impression with customers. Whether you’re working with a smaller budget or need a more robust environment or activation, we help our customers create attractive spaces that resonates well with customers and drive them to action. Contact us today to get started