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Committed to Making the World a Better Place

Bluewater has always been committed to being a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company, but just recently we decided to take it up a notch by earning our sustainability certification. You’ve probably heard the term ‘sustainability’ as more companies are proactively thinking about how they can contribute to protecting the environment and taking care of their workers. Now sustainability means more than just being environmentally focused, it’s shifting to how companies build and sustain social or human elements, and also governance related topics as it relates to ethics and supplier management

There’s actually a term that is replacing sustainability and is popping up more and more regularly- and the term is ESG. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance:

So, how do we measure and communicate Bluewater’s ESG effectiveness? Recently, Bluewater has joined a third party ESG certification platform EcoVadisEcoVadis is used by many companies to measure their vendor’s sustainability practices and is the leading third party provider of business sustainability ratings. Bluewater has been working in EcoVadis for the past few months, providing information and data on everything from our energy consumption, and facility efficiencies to health and safety policy and trainings, employment policies, business ethics practices, IT security, hiring practices, diversity metrics and more.

Bluewater recently received an initial ESG sustainability score of 59, which gives us a ‘silver’ sustainability certification from EcoVadis and puts us in the 78th percentile of companies that have subscribed. Bluewater is thrilled to be ESG Certified but we are not done yet! Jaime McAlear, VP of Operational Excellence and Strategic Initiatives at Bluewater explains:

“We will continue to use the recommendations from EcoVadis to continue to improve our ESG practicesIn the short term, our focus will be on ethical policy training for select groups, as well as supplier sustainability policies and tracking our supplier diversity.  Longer term, we will focus on the continuous improvement in all 3 ESG pillars with a goal of achieving a gold certification in 2023.”

Bluewater is committed to positively impacting our communities and the environment as we work toward a more sustainable future. Learn more about our sustainability efforts.