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For today’s corporate employees, workplace culture represents more than just the type of company one works for. Company culture is what sets an organization apart from the competition. Over the years, the literal meaning of company culture itself has shifted from simply how co-workers interact with each other to how employees engage with each other, with customers, with their workspace, and with the outside world. One part of that equation, the workplace, often goes overlooked in favor of more pressing culture needs. But people want to be proud of where they work. They want to look around at friends and say “no I have the coolest office”. If we all want it, why are companies so reluctant to update and invest in workplace design?

By 2019, millennials will represent 50% of the total workforce. This generation has a reputation for moving in and out of positions quickly, but this is really telling us that millennials just aren’t engaged with their workspaces. They crave individuality, creativity, and innovation – three things that aren’t available in the traditional corporate work environment. For companies looking to hire and retain millennials (on average, it costs around $24,000 to replace a millennial worker) there must be a strong sense of connection and engagement between the worker and the workplace to make him or her stay. Today’s millennial workforce is experience-driven, not possession-driven, and the sooner corporations understand this and update their workplace to showcase this, the better. 

At the end of the day, investing in a workplace with different configurations for different types of people as well as the right technologies that are aligned to specific business needs can help your business grow not only in revenue but also in employee retention. Your team will have more confidence and excitement in what they do every day, and they’ll be proud of the work they do – and where they do it. Organizations can also leverage innovative workplace design when it comes to recruiting and engaging with potential new employees. 

Here are a few innovative workplace design strategies that help convey strong brand messaging:

Bold messaging delivery systems

For your brand to compete in today’s noise-driven landscape, your message must be heard loud and clear. In your workplace, why not showcase your message, values, and culture in the strongest way possible. Work with creative design teams to come up with a show-stopping entryway design that will truly welcome anyone who walks through your doors.

Interactive content and displays

Technology is the new frontier, and for your company to corner the millennial market you need to be investing as much as possible in innovative content. Experiment with LED screens that elevate your brand and take messaging to a whole new level. Look for interactive ways to get people engaged and actually wanting to learn more about your brand and your culture, instead of having them simply standing there reading a directory sign. 

Collaborative, on-demand workspaces

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about open-plan offices. Motivate your employees and create custom workplace experiences by creating on-demand workspaces that can be molded based on the needs of the group. If all of your conference rooms are full, maybe your lobby steps in as an impromptu meeting space, complete with a digital display and communication connection. The same goes for your break room or even a hallway. Outfitting your office with the right technology throughout can upgrade your office design – and your brand’s culture message.

If your workplace culture, employee retention, or company pride needs an upgrade, its time to look inward at your workspace. At Bluewater, our AV, integration, and experimental design experts can take even the most out-of-date corporate space and make a splash. Learn more by talking to a Bluewater consultation specialist today!