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There are literally hundreds of things you can do with digital signage in a retail space, but today we’ll focus on 7 of our favorites. Some are simple and well known uses, and others showcase some out of the box thinking.

Feature a Product or Service

In-store signage has one primary goal – to visualize and advertise your products and services. It is most effectively executed with Digital Signage, where you can change out product features, showcase a new price in real time, or even integrate the signage with social media. This peer influence opportunity can make all the difference between getting a sale and having the customer walk away without a purchase. If you’re looking for a place to start with Digital Signage content, start by advertising your core products and services and we can help to infuse some creative ideas as well.

Create A Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to up-sell at the point of purchase. You can use your Digital Signage to advertise a sale or promotion.This can be a store-wide percentage off, or even link out to an e-commerce sale if your brand has more inventory online than in-store. Discounts on a particular items can again be updated in real time on most digital signage content management platforms. We have even seen companies show the weather upon walking into the store to let customers know it might rain today to sell more rain boots, umbrellas, and ponchos. Additionally, some companies will show inventory levels of an item that is a fast seller, to create a “get it now while you can” impact.

Educate Customers

Giving customers both an educational and entertaining experience can be just as valuable as advertising your products. Today’s in-store marketing landscape is driven by content and not only the ability to engage with it, but to interact with it as well, so if you can provide something valuable to the consumer, even if it isn’t directly linked to a product or service, you’re still helping win the customer to be positively influenced by your brand.
For example, a hardware store might show a video example of how to power wash your deck, while no products are directly a part of this educational experience, the digital signage might sit next to a display of power washers and/or deck wash detergent. This top op mind neuromarketing strategy has been proven to increase sales and profitability

Internally Communicate with Employees

Not all of the screens in your store need to be customer facing. Use signage behind the counter, or in your break room to communicate with employees. Whether it’s a meeting calendar, rules and regulations, or a employee of the month recognition, Digital Signage works just as well for corporate communication as it does customer communication.It also makes your employees feel like you are a cutting edge organization that is in tune with their needs and the latest technologies. In a pandemic, or post-pandemic landscape it can also be used to share protocols or mandates.

Create A Source of Revenue

Digital Signage is such a great place to promote a product or service that other companies may want to get in on it. With the option for unlimited messaging and playlist length, you may be able to get other companies to pay you to run ads on your Digital Signage, creating an additional revenue stream. This is a great place for brand collaboration, that can impact the product teams and their offerings. For instance, New Balance partnered with Big League Chew Bubble Gum in 2020 to launch a pair of cleats exclusive to Dick’s Sporting Goods that were advertised in store.

Build your Database

Does your company have a newsletter or other email marketing campaigns? If so, make sure you’re asking for and collecting customer emails. Digital Signage offers a great way to draw attention to your email efforts and similar to Social Media, if you let customers know the benefits to sharing their email, they’ll be more likely to opt-in.


A well-placed screen at an entrance, elevator, or transition point can help people find their way. Whether your Way-finding Digital Signage is static or interactive, it’s always nice to help people find the business they’re looking for. Our partners at WaitTime have an amazing real-time crowd intelligence solution with the ability to route traffic in your store or restaurant to avoid large crowd densities.