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Bluewater teamed up to bring the tech to Carhartt’s 2018 Global Sales Meeting!

For the first time ever, Carhartt invited the entire company to their annual meeting — which meant everything in the meeting space had to be made accessible to over six hundred people! This was made possible with the use of projection, lighting, and audio equipment for use on the stage.

To keep the meeting on track, we made sure all of our technology was set up ahead of schedule!  Carhartt employees bonded by playing their version The Newlywed Game, which played on the screens on stage. We kept our crew on standby to make sure the event went as smoothly as possible, and the objectives of the meeting were met!

Check out what our clients had to say about their experience!


CT: Cameron Taylor, Director of Sales Operations

MR: Michelle Rheubottom, Events/Tradeshow Manager

CT: “My name is Cam Taylor and I’m the Director of Sales Operations at Carhartt. During our fall global sales meeting in December, we realized that we had this opportunity that we’d never thought about before, which was to invite the whole company to the meeting. And, one of the things that we thought about was, Hey, if you’ve got a room with six or seven hundred people, now it gets harder to see people on the stage. And so, we started thinking about our technology needs a little bit differently.”

MR: “My name is Michelle Rheubottom, Events and Tradeshow Manager here at Carhartt. We started out with a quick meeting with Bluewater, just to kind of understand what our objectives were for the meeting. We went out to the Bluewater facility. There were so many great ideas and opportunities that came out of those Bluewater meetings. I was blown away and totally impressed.”

CT: “It was hard to say, what is the one thing that they did that was so memorable, because everything they did was so memorable. I guess I could pick one big thing, is the way that they just actually executed the event.”

MR: “Typically, in the past, when we’ve done this meeting, it’s taken us a couple days to set up the technology piece, or to set up the main stage.”

CT: “They said that they could come in and set up during a certain time frame, and we had very experienced event people working with us that said, “We’ve never seen that done before.””

MR: “They told me that they can have the setup done in a specific time and I have to say, I was a little bit reluctant to believe that.”

CT: “Bluewater very confidently said, ‘We can do this.’ They did. They set up in that time frame, they were ready to go. It was seamless. It was professional.”

MR: “Everything was coming together, and literally before deadline, the project was setup and ready to go.”

CT: “It was a very low friction experience for me as a customer of Bluewater’s. To be able to walk in, and look around, and just see everything’s done, and it’s all ready to go, and wow, it looks really good. Then when you sorta peek behind the curtain, and you see this army of people with computers and road gear that are running this event, I thought, you know, I was like backstage at a rock concert. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

MR: “We had a great experience, and we look forward to partnering with Bluewater in the future. I’m sure other people would benefit from their services as well.”

CT: “I think that was my 35th sales meeting since I’ve been with Carhartt. I’ve never been to one like that before, and I don’t think that would’ve been possible without Bluewater.”

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