Move It Like You Mean It 24/7

When Carhartt hosted their 2018 fall global sales meeting they realized they had an opportunity to try something different; invite the entire company together to share in the messaging and excitement of the day. As they planned for the increased attendance they realized there would be some new challenges to overcome. With six to seven hundred people now attending, they knew they needed to think about their stage design and technology needs a bit differently or the message might not be well communicated.

Carhartt decided to look outside for help. Their team met with Bluewater to review the objectives for the event and discuss what could be done to elevate the experience for the increased attendees. This new format came with high stakes on what future events might look like.

I think that was my 35th sales meeting since I’ve been with Carhartt. I’ve never been to one like that before and I don’t think that would have been possible without Bluewater.

Bluewater very confidently said “we can do this.” and they did.

Bluewater & Carhartt collaborated on stage designs, coming up with a sleek industrial-inspired design that fit the tone of the brand. A flexible stage set allowed for executives to comfortably present, presentation materials to be creatively played back, and also transitioned easily for interactive segments that brought staff on stage.

One such segment was “The Newlythread Game,” which is an absolutely fantastic example of how brands can keep their audience’s attention, and elevate the overall event experience with just a little commitment of time and a bit of creativity.

It was a very low friction experience for me as a customer of Bluewater to be able to walk in and look around and just see everything’s done and it’s all ready to go and wow it looks good!

Bluewater brought the entire stage design to life ensuring that the day’s message would be delivered to a larger audience. Large-format displays, sound reinforcement, image magnification of the presenters, presentation playback, lighting, and some custom scenic elements all played into ensuring that the message was sent, and more importantly, received.


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