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Retail is evolving rapidly and technology plays a major part in shaping the future of shopping. With customer expectations continuously changing, it’s essential for retailers to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating new technology into their retail environments. Read on to explore some of the top retail tech trends to watch for in 2023!

Hybrid or Omni Channel Shopping

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Have you heard about the hybrid shopping trend? With online and mobile retail sales continuing to skyrocket, it’s clear that shoppers now expect a seamless experience across all channels- both digital and brick-and-mortar. To keep up with changing consumer behavior, retailers are increasingly turning to omni channel commerce strategies in order to meet customer needs. This means that no matter where your customers are interacting with your company – from an instore visit or talking on the phone to browsing on a website – they should get access to helpful customer service, efficient delivery services and reliable product information. For example, Farfetch’s revolutionary Store of the Future is bridging the gap between online and physical shopping. In their London store, they’ve incorporated amazing tech like connected clothing racks, touch-screen mirrors with data pulled from customers’ previous orders – all to deliver an unbeatable retail experience!

Immersive, Experiential Retail Environments

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Welcome to the future of retail! In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential for retailers to stay ahead of the game. The trend towards experiential retail environments has been gaining momentum over the past few years–and with good reason. Shoppers are increasingly looking for a high level of personalization and engagement when they shop, and today’s retailers need to rise up to meet this demand if they want to remain successful in an ever-changing market. Creating an immersive retail environment in your store can help you not only stand out from the competition but also create an shopping experience that is engaging and memorable.

Cashless and Contactless Experiences

Another trend we expect to see carry over to 2023 is contactless retail: from touch-free payment technologies to automated order kiosks and beyond, customers want a seamless and safe shopping experience that minimizes contact with surfaces and other shoppers. For retailers looking to not just keep up with but get ahead of competition on their journey towards better customer satisfaction, investing in cashless and contactless retail technology is an excellent starting point.

Augmented Reality

Ready to level up your retail game in 2023? Many retailers are integrating Augmented reality (AR) technology into their customer’s shopping experience. From virtual try-on experiences to using AR apps to find customer service in stores, AR has incredible potential for boosting sales and giving customers a more interactive, personalized shopping experience.

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The race to adopt new retail technology is only going to heat up in the next few years. Businesses that can stay ahead of the curve and embrace these emerging trends will be well-positioned for long-term success. Does your retail space need a refresh for 2023? Bluewater is a full-service retail space design firm that provides everything you need for your retail project. Whether you need a new store design or a custom pop-up experience, our design experts are up for the challenge Learn more about our custom retail solutions.