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Imagine the world around you as a theater and your brand as the star. Right now, you’re only using a tiny portion of the space, but you could be leaping over the seats and swinging from the rafters, immersing your audience members in a story that grips their imaginations.

Digital signage turns the surfaces of your city and your office into stages. And the content that these signs show isn’t just a generic Shakespearean adaptation; it’s a personalized story that involves every individual who encounters it. It diverts viewers, leads them into a deeper knowledge of your brand and surprises them.

But there’s been so much noise about digital signage in the last few years that some of us are suffering a bit of burnout. We’re overthinking the technical aspects. Scared of creating something that will age quickly or prove obsolete down the road, we avoid committing to one platform or another. But the success of digital signage is not technical; it’s about the story you’re telling.

At Bluewater Technologies, we have found digital signage to be a powerful medium for our clients’ stories because it can show highly targeted, personalized content, encouraging audiences to look again. It can shift and adapt to current events and audiences, allowing your brand to narrowcast content and stay relevant. And it brings viewers into the story and allows them to interact and share themselves with your brand.

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