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As part of our integration services offerings, Bluewater helps businesses of all sizes turn a disconnected approach to office AV into a cohesive, seamless system. One of the areas that has seen the most attention over the past year is conference technology — especially videoconferencing. While most businesses had at least some limited abilities in place before COVID-19, the pandemic forced many to rely much more heavily on remote collaboration.

Some companies weren’t prepared for this transition, leaving employees to fend for themselves with mobile devices and whatever technology they already had on hand. But as a temporary shutdown has evolved into a new way of doing work, it’s clear that businesses need robust long-term solutions for videoconferencing and collaboration.

In today’s Partner Series post, we’re highlighting Crestron Flex. It’s the most elegant, flexible, and comprehensive family of unified communications tools available, and it can make a massive difference in this new world of work.

Crestron Flex: What It Is

Crestron Flex is a family of products that offer businesses a comprehensive solution to videoconferencing and remote collaboration. With Crestron Flex, there’s a common interface no matter where you are or which device you’re using. Flex products are simple to set up and install, with many products in the line designed to sit on your desk or conference table.

Far too many videoconferencing solutions are either poorly done or unnecessarily complex (or both). Crestron Flex solves both concerns, delivering an extremely well-executed experience that can be deployed quickly and operated with ease.

Unprecedented Scalability

One challenge in conference technology is scalability. It takes time and technical know-how to install custom systems, and scaling these installs can be a challenge.

But with Crestron Flex, every device is running the same OS and can be remotely monitored and controlled. You can provision, monitor and control as many as 5,000 Crestron devices from a single interface, leaving little to no configuration up to your local resources. This is an unprecedented level of scalability (not to mention usability) in videoconferencing tech.

We aren’t the only ones who are noticing the unlimited possibilities with the Creston Flex family. Nathan Hunter, the Senior Manager of IT Collaboration for Spectrum Brands said the following:

“Crestron Flex paired with Microsoft Teams has transformed how we operate. We had relied heavily on in-person meetings in the past, but now with the new Flex systems on place we are able to meet at any time, in any place with remote participants all over the globe.”

Devices in the Crestron Flex Family

Crestron Flex is an entire family of devices, with several categories spanning a wide range of use cases. These are some of the most popular categories.

Flex Phones

Ideal for office use, the Crestron Flex Phone is far more than a VoIP phone. It’s integrated with Microsoft Teams, giving you access to your Outlook calendar and contacts and serving as a physical hub for your Teams calls and meetings.

The Flex Phone contains an extra-wide HD touchscreen, plus an HD camera and microphone array. You’ll see and hear (and be seen and heard) better than ever before, from the comfort of your office (or home office).

Tabletop and Mini Tabletop Devices

The core Crestron Flex experience, these tabletop and mini tabletop devices pack an all-in-one experience into a tidy tabletop package. Depending on the model and size, you’ll get a seven-inch or larger HD touchscreen with multiple integrated microphones that can pick up voices from up to 20 feet away.

You’ll also get a wide-angle camera in the Mini or an intelligent camera with zoom and auto-framing in the full-size device.

With Crestron Room Control, you can control other room elements, from lights to smart shades, directly from your tabletop device.

Configurations are available running versions of Windows or Android, including models with native Teams or Zoom Room integration.

Smart Soundbar BX30

If you already have a great display and simply need to add pro audio and video capability, the Smart Soundbar BX30 is an ideal solution. The wide-angle camera shows the whole room, and the advanced microphone array with signal processing and beamforming technology ensure that everyone can be heard with crystal clarity.

R-Series Mobile UC Rapid Deployment Collaboration System

One of the trends we identified in a recent update on office AV trends in a reopening world is the increasing use of short-term leases, repurposed spaces (such as subletting unused office space) and flex spaces.

More than ever, businesses are encountering the need for ultimate space flexibility. Spaces that have never been used for video conferencing before suddenly find themselves repurposed, either ad hoc or on an ongoing basis.

In situations like these, an R-Series Mobile US Rapid Deployment Collaboration System is an ideal answer. It’s an all-in-one cart — with mounts for a 50 to 60-inch TV — that provides every function needed for room-level videoconferencing. Simply wheel it into any room, and you have an instant conference room.

Included in the R-Series is Crestron’s intelligent camera with a 150-degree field of vision, high-quality two-way audio, retractable Ethernet and power cables, and AirMedia wireless presentation support.

Not Sure Where to Start? Bluewater Can Help

As simple to use as the Crestron Flex system is, designing a facility-wide or company-wide plan for rolling it out still has its complications. Is your business considering a conference technology update, whether Crestron Flex or another solution? Bluewater can help. Schedule a free consult today.