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Lightning Boards

Digital Lightning Board Displays: Communicate quickly across your facilitates from one central system.

When crisis hits, accurate and timely communication to your employee base is of the utmost importance. And unfortunately, you can’t always rely on email communication alone. Sometimes it’s best to get the messaging out in front and center, where you can be sure that your employees will see it.  

Lightning boards are one of our favorite ways to digitally share messaging in the workplace, because they are multifaceted. In regular day-to-day life, they allow you to schedule and display branded content digitally across your facilities from one centrally managed software. This could be news about upcoming internal events or could even feature content celebrating upcoming employee birthdays and anniversaries. 

However, when global disruptions or emergencies happen, they can easily transition to emergency alert messaging, allowing your employees to be kept up to date on event cancelation, proper procedures and protocolor any other vital information they may need in the moment. 

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, turnkey solution for displaying branded content in your facilities, Bluewater’s Lightning Boards may be the right solution for you. Packaged with commercial grade hardware, industry leading professional installation, and worry-free support, Lighting Boards are perfect for sharing information your employees need when they need it. 

Plus, each Lightning Board comes equipped with branded content, intuitive software, commercial grade hardware, and white glove, worry-free support.  With the ability to deploy content and full screen alerts using nearly any device, anywhere on the planet, never again will your employees be left in the dark. 


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