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Content Studios

Professional Content Studio Services: Content production becomes self-sufficient with your own in-house studio.

In the event of a global or even local disruption, leaving the production of your content and communication in the hands of outside agencies or technology companies can feel uneasy. What if something were to happen where travel to your location could not take place? What if your company is forced to limit outside guests for health and safety reasons?  

The last thing you need to be worrying about when trying to pull together vital communication to employees and clients is how you’ll produce and distribute that same content. 

That’s why it’s so advantages to have your own in-house content studio, so that you can produce a town hall video or stream a state-of-the-union address right from your office — no matter the situation outside your walls. 

Our team of Content and AV experts here at Bluewater are here to help. We can set up a fully permanent and custom-branded content studio within your facility to so that you can produce and distribute content whenever it’s needed. This giveyour executive leadership team the tools and resources they need to communicate professionally, while also giving your marketing and communication teams an avenue to produce large volumes of content that can help keep your initiatives afloat while your team may be out of office. 

You provide the space, and our team will provide the set design, technology design, and the technology itself. It’s that east. 


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