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Virtual Experience Centers

Virtual Experience Technology Services: Bring the experience of your facilities into the virtual world.

When your business depends on in-person visits and meetings, a viral illness or sickness can be disastrous — especially when it comes with travel bans or restrictions.  

Luckily there are a number of ways to leverage technology to support the sales process and promote your products in a virtual capacity. For instance, leveraging cameras, you can easily create virtual tours of your office, your projects, or any other physical location that your clients may be interested in seeing.  

Creating virtual tours ahead of time allows you to pull up hands-free examples that may save your clients from having to come visit your office in person when traveling might not be an option. (Plus, in the midst of cold or flu season, these virtual run events could also go a long way in keeping your own employees free from sickness.) 

As one of the nation’s leading A/V Integrators, Bluewater is equipped to combine and blend technologies into a virtual sales-enablement solution to fit your business model and communication needs. With this approach, your customers don’t need to incur the expense of traveling to your facility. You can make it easy and efficient for them to stay right where they are while maintaining the integrity of the experience and message you’re hoping to deliver. 


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