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Video Enabled Rooms

Video Enabled Conference Rooms: Convert your office into a fully functioning streaming space.

If there is one permanent lesson that we’re learning from the global Coronavirus disaster, it’s that many businesses are fully capable of having their employees do their jobs from home. And if they can’t, they found out quickly just how important it is to put the proper technology into place to allow their employees that necessity. 

But this isn’t just a global disaster necessity. Every day in the corporate world, we get more and more comfortable with virtual and digital collaboration. In fact, over 54% of U.S. workers currently work remotely at least once per month — and that number will only continue to rise. 

The question is, is your office equipped to handle this move to remote video conferencing for virtual employees? 

If not, Bluewater can help. Our team of tech and av experts can easily add existing displays and audio into the rooms throughout your facilities to convert them into web-enabled rooms, simply by adding in a VTC solution. By adding a display into the room, along with a built-in camera and sound bar, these spaces easily become fully functioning digital spaces with audio and video solutions, that will easily allow employees to stream in from home.   

We offer a number of different tech and AV solutions for rooms of all size, including: 

  • Creston Sound Bar for conference systems 
  • Mercury System for dialing 
  • Creston Flex for Zoom Rooms 
  • Logitech Tap for small rooms 

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