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Hybrid Event Offerings

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Hybrid Meetings

This type of event is best for meetings where conversation is required between participants. It’s perfect for town halls, company updates, executive summits, and even large groups that need to converse. This cost effective, moderated solution allows for your meeting to go off without a hitch. Our hybrid events typically have both an in-person and remote audience and offers presenters a seamless experience that caters to both audiences.

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Live Streaming

Best for meetings where a higher production value is needed or desired. In a live stream there is less conversation between a presenter or presenters and their audience. Often times the conversation that does take place is facilitated through chat moderation. It’s perfect for a virtual event or a small virtual conference. 

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Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

This type of conference includes pieces of both a virtual meeting and a live stream. It houses everything in an interactive platform that we call Parallel. This virtual event platform provides limitless possibilities. Virtual stages, registration management, virtual breakout rooms, a virtual exhibit floor or booth space; it’s all possible with a virtual conference.

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