Creating a Positive Distraction through Interactive Play

When it comes to exceptional healthcare facilities, CHRISTUS Health (St. Elizabeth) in Beaumont, TX, ranks among the best. Recognized for its acute care and trauma services, this renowned center has always strived to provide cutting-edge solutions to improve patient experiences. Recently, they embarked on a journey to secure funding through a grant for an innovative addition to their pediatric facility that would not only provide a positive distraction for young patients but also inspire movement to help accelerate recovery. Enter Bluewater, armed with the perfect solution: the ActivePlay interactive wall. This gesture-controlled, interactive display serves as an immersive canvas, encouraging children to engage, explore, and find joy during moments of discomfort and anxiety.

The team at CHRISTUS Health witnessed the transformative power of the ActivePlay interactive wall. Their patients were drawn to the colorful and captivating scenes that adorn the interactive display. But it wasn’t just the patients who experienced the magic of the ActivePlay interactive wall; the nurses discovered a unique tool to engage with the young ones and form deeper connections. The nurses seized the opportunity to join in on the fun, showcasing their silly and playful sides while guiding the patients through the interactive experience.

Lacey Goodman, Clinical Director of NICU & Pediatrics at Christus Health expressed her enthusiasm for their new ActivePlay display stating,

“The interactive display offers distraction and entertainment for our patients. It gives the nurses and staff an opportunity to interact and play with the patients in the central area of our unit. The patients pass the interactive display when going to the treatment room or when ambulating in the unit. We have seen patients of all ages, staff, and parents enjoy the display.”

The integration of the ActivePlay interactive wall at CHRISTUS Health’s pediatric facility has exceeded all expectations, proving that its impact goes far beyond mere entertainment. Its presence has redefined the healing atmosphere, offering young patients an escape from the anxieties often associated with a hospital setting. By immersing children in a dynamic and interactive display, the wall creates a positive association with the hospital environment, fostering a sense of comfort and familiarity. The benefits extend even further, as the team at CHRISTUS Health has observed its positive influence on the recovery of rehabilitation patients and the effectiveness of specific treatments for children on medication. Through encouraging activity and social interaction, the ActivePlay interactive wall empowers children to step out of their rooms, promoting faster healing and ultimately expediting their discharge. This remarkable case study serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, showcasing the immense potential of technology in revolutionizing pediatric care.

Interested in Elevating your Space?

From the hygienic design to inspiring movement for rehab patients, the benefits of adding an ActivePlay interactive wall to your facility are endless! Plus, you can secure funding for your new display! Organizations like Child’s Play Charity offer grants and funding to bring therapeutic games and technology to pediatric hospitals. By integrating interactive displays, you not only enhance the patient experience but also increase your chances of accessing grants for technology-driven initiatives and artistic endeavors.¬†Click here to explore all the amazing benefits of the ActivePlay interactive wall!


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