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Today’s event managers have seen it all. From trade shows to conferences to multi-day sales meetings, it’s easy for corporate events to run into each other with little definition between them. The modern event has become stale and listless, and innovative event managers are left looking for ways to add new ideas and pizzaz to the mix. Enter the webstream. Live streaming all or parts of your next event to a remote audience, whether they’re back in the office, at home, or on the beach, is one of the newest trends in corporate events and is picking up steam in the industry. These streams are a great way to share your event with people outside of your core audience, and also a good first step for brands looking to expand their online presence.

Here are three reasons why your team should add a webstream to your next corporate event:

Live stream technology adds an element of innovation to otherwise staid events.

For brands truly trying to break the mold and establish themselves as innovative, tech-savvy leaders in the industry, webstreams are the perfect way to kick off this new line of messaging. While live streaming does require specific technology on your side, it also showcases your innovation to your audience. Webstreams are also the perfect way to highlight company branding and messaging. For your next event, set up a live stream landing page that has a specific logo, background, and message relating to the event itself. Allow viewers to select from various viewing options, such as events that are currently live or past sessions that were recorded. This landing page can also be used as a place to send audience members who watched the sessions live but want to revisit the content later.

Webstreams help brands reach wider audiences that might not be in attendance.

Think back on some of the past events you and your team have hosted. How many invitees couldn’t attend due to unforeseen circumstances? What about internal events and meetings? How hard is it to get your entire team in the same room at the same time? Live stream events are the perfect answer to this age-old conundrum. Even if you’re still hosting a physical event for those in attendance, adding a web stream element can help reach an even broader audience. Just look at some of the top conferences in tech today, such as Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference. Although thousands of industry leaders attend the conference every year, keynote speakers and major presentations are live-streamed to a worldwide audience. This helps Salesforce reach millions of people who might not have been able to make it but still want to engage with the brand.

Live stream events can help keep costs low.

Did you know that the average CMO spends around 25% of his or her budget on events? This is an incredible expenditure, and for that reason, many marketing teams are always on the hunt for best practices that help cut down on costs – and live streaming events is the answer you’re looking for. Hosting an online event cuts down on logistics costs, travel costs, and even speaker costs (especially if your speakers are simply presenting from their offices as well). Plus, since most live stream solutions automatically record whatever session is being presented, your event can continue to educate and engage audiences long after it’s over. Recorded sessions can be shared via social, uploaded onto video sharing sites, and even gated on a website to help convert new leads.

Thanks to the nationwide growth of remote employees, we predict the trend of web-based events is here to stay. At Bluewater, our event technology solutions are designed to keep brands on the cutting edge of the latest trends and best practices, including web streams. Plus, with state-of-the-art AV integration functionality, your team can create a cross-platform, multi-speaker event with minimal manual labor. Let the Bluewater Tech team help take your next live stream event to the next level – schedule your personal consultation today! Contact Us!