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An Overview of Activations & Underlying Technologies

Photo / Video Activation

Generate shareable rich media takeaways that can be instantly posted to social accounts, and tracked across the web.

VR Content

Immerse your audience into entirely new worlds, or transport them with real-world captured 360 content.


Apply the Internet of Things to brand marketing. Custom check-in stations, vending machines, unique hardware experiences.

Custom Apps

Hands-on apps that work for your brand; prizing, spin-to-win, ordering, quiz style, item finders, lead capture.

User Tracking

Learn more about participants by keeping track of their activity across a location & within different activations.

Gesture Recognition

Get an audience up and moving with unique games and activities, all controlled through human motion.

Augmented Reality

Layer a world of content over just about anything. Provide training, mechanical detail, historical data, or location information.

Interactive Displays

From clean lines of commercial displays, to wildly creative mixed display configurations - create a multimedia canvas to show off your brand.

Social Integration

Connect your activations directly to social to fuel brand reach. Automate social interactions to help maximize engagement.