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As virtual events and conferences continue to be a mainstay in 2021 (and will remain so even far beyond the current pandemic restrictions), it’s important that brands are still calling on some of the same foundational event “basics” that they used in traditional conference settings, even when hosting virtual events.

For instance, whether you are hosting your next conference or trade show online or in person, your goal is still to create an environment which enhances and communicates your message to your audience – and the best way to do that is through great event stage design.

Creative use of staging and AV technology at your event can not only completely transform the event experience for those in attendance, but it can also help to ensure that your audience stays engaged during your presentation and educates them about your offerings in a clear, concise way. Long story short, effective stage design can make or break a conference when it comes to truly connecting with your audience… and that’s still true in the world of virtual.

The Importance of Stage Design for Virtual Events

One of the reasons why stage design is so important at an event is because it helps to set the scene for your attendees, and for this reason, it may actually be more important in a virtual conference setting. This is because with a virtual event, you’re already fighting to engage an audience who is removed from your speakers and are facing distractions a world away from your presentation.

Creating a themed backdrop or video screen to anchor your event can help to both strengthen your brand and capture the attention of attendees. After all, in a time where we are so reliant on technology to share and connect, it’s important to have staging elements like video or audio to cater to those who are visual or interactive learners. It’s just important that you make sure that your stage design is engaging enough to capture your audience’s attention without actually distracting from the speakers or presenters who will be talking in front of it.

Having focused and well-branded stage design can also help you effectively deliver your message and tell your story. This could be through a subdued and understated presentation that allows your message to shine and stand out, or could include attention-getting AV technology and lighting that will really create impact. It all depends on what your goal is for connecting with your audience.

You can also use your stage design to highlight sponsors for your events or give thanks to those who helped make your event possible. You can do this through digital signage, branded color tones and lighting, displays, digital banner ads across your screen, and more.

Lastly, having well thought-out stage design can go a long way in helping set up your virtual presenters for success at your conference. Creating an efficient environment for your speakers – whether it’s by sending them the equipment and resources they need to broadcast from home successfully, or by inviting them out to a professional studio like Bluewater’s Broadcast and Streaming Studio facilities – is important for hosting both a quality event and giving attendees a consistent experience from speaker to speaker.

How Bluewater Can Help With Virtual Stage Design

If you’re interested in creating a unique stage design experience for your upcoming virtual conference, our team at Bluewater would be happy to walk you through the initial considerations, including environment, audience size, event budget, stage look and feel, and your event priorities.

From there, we can help with everything from virtual conference hosting and streaming to creative design. Our team will work with you closely to understand your goals and turn it into a creative vision and practical solution that delivers for your upcoming virtual event.

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