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We recently had the opportunity to work with a client that was building a new arena. While the initial specification by the architect was for LCD video walls, the owner wanted to explore LED technology. Fortunately, we have the inventory in house to pull together quick impromptu side-by-side evaluations for our clients.

Why did the client decide on LED? As with any installation, the requirements of the project dictate the best technology, so there is no one single solution. But in this case using large format LED easily won the day with bright, vivid color and no bezel.

Some challenges are:

  • Bright ambient environment
  • Large open spaces
  • Bezels break up content
  • Washed out colors

In a concourse of an arena, there are lots of lights, so it’s a bright environment. If you are advertising in the space, you are competing with those bright lights to catch the eyes of the audience passing by. The best way to cut through the noise is large, clear, bright, and vivid images served up on your LED screen.

Here is why LED wins the day on the concourse:

  • Brightness
  • Vivid color
  • No bezels
  • Scalable to any size

What’s even better than using LED for digital signage? Making it interactive. You get all the benefits of the LED technology and tie those into sensors, triggers, and menu choices that give an interactive experience.

From a simple side-by-side demo to a completely interactive concourse experience, this is how we are transforming the way technology is used in new arenas, auditoriums, universities, hospitals, and corporations.

Interested to see how you can utilize LED in your next project? We’d love to help! Contact Us!