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As advancements in technology continue to expand and evolve, the demand for innovative and interactive tech increases in the education segment. Utilizing interactive learning technology is a great way to create engaging educational experiences for students. Studies consistently show that interactive technology not only enhances learning and teaching but also increases student engagement and productivity. An ancient Chinese proverb reads:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

In conclusion, the more involved and engaged students are, the more they will learn and remember in the long run. Interactive learning technology can be utilized in a wide range of educational settings from classrooms to libraries. Here are some innovative ways to use technology in education:

Interactive Whiteboarding Technology

Interactive whiteboard

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Interactive whiteboards also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, can be used in a variety of classroom and educational settings to increase productivity, interaction, and collaboration. With remote and hybrid learning on the rise, digital whiteboards are especially useful for enabling teachers to share their screens with students while also appearing in video chats.

Interactive Learning Experiences

education technology

The “Magic Book” at the Shelby Township Library

Creating a unique and immersive learning environment is a great way to drive engagement with students. A great example of an out of the box interactive learning experience is the “Magic Book” created by Bluewater for The Shelby Township Library. The custom fabricated “Magic Book” features a handful of fun scenes that change when the page is opened and closed again. The Shelby Township Library in Michigan offers a unique and immersive learning environment like no other for children in the area.

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Interactive Game Learning

Lu Interactive Playground

Consider utilizing interactive games to help engage students and make learning more enjoyable! Participating in play helps students take in knowledge in a fun, interactive way. The possibilities are endless with the wide variety of  interactive displays and projection technology available today. For instance, The Lu System utilizes a projector, a movement detection camera and a light and sound module to create a magical immersive space where kids can learn more efficiently through physical activity.

Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual reality technology is not commonly used in the classroom yet but it could be in the future. Imagine being able to explore different parts of the world without ever leaving the classroom! The benefits of virtual reality in education are embraced by many educators, but some are still reluctant to use it due to the high cost. As virtual reality technology continues to evolve, it will more than likely be used as an educational tool in the classrooms of the future.

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