An Interactive Learning Experience

The Shelby Township Library underwent a huge transformation last month. They moved to a new location and increased the facility’s footprint from 12,400 sq. ft. to 26,400 sq. ft. The new and improved library features a children’s area, community event spaces, a teen room, a technology lab, individual study rooms, a children’s story time and programming space, a reading lounge and additional space for library materials.

As they were putting the finishing touches on the new library, Shelby Township Library’s Director, Kate Ester, was looking for a showpiece to display in the library’s front hall. They visited many different companies looking for ideas. Once they reached out to Bluewater, the team formulated a plan to create a custom-fabricated Magic Book activation for the new library which was based off Bluewater’s Magic Door activation (an LED screen placed inside a door that changes every time the door opens). They also partnered with Bluewater for all of the AV within the library. The project took around 8 months to complete with collaboration between the team at The Shelby Township Library and Bluewater.

“We have a strong team here at Bluewater consisting of experts in engineering, software, hardware, and design working all together under one roof. This allows us to take a client’s dream and turn it into reality.” – Dennis Janer, Senior Account Manager at Bluewater

The one-of-a-kind Magic Book is located in the children’s room at the new library highlighted by a 30-foot tall interactive tree sculpture. The interactive Magic Book features a handful of fun scenes that change when the page is opened and closed again.

Magic BookWith the addition of the Magic Book, the new Shelby Township Library offers a unique and immersive learning environment like no other for children in the area. Bluewater’s Magic Book activation in combination with the new library’s unique features will provide for an unforgettable experience for all.

“We were absolutely thrilled with the finished product and could not have imagined a better outcome. The book is stately in size, beautiful in design and operates just as smoothly as we had hoped. The animated vignettes run so seamlessly and look gorgeous on the big screen. We really feel like Bluewater checked off all the boxes we set and even added some extras we hadn’t even thought to ask for. We are so proud to be able to be the first library to offer the Magic Book and cannot wait to show it off to our community.” – Katie Ester, Shelby Township Library Director

Better Together

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