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As advancements in technology along with consumer shopping preferences continue to change, retailers are being forced to get creative with their retail displays to keep customers coming through their doors.  Here are a few retail design trends retailers should consider incorporating into their spaces:

1. Interactive Shopping Experiences

Now more than ever, retailers are being forced to embrace retail display technology in an effort to create an interactive experience for shoppers. Consumers that choose to shop in store rather than online are looking for enjoyment and as well as convenience. Retail stores that make use of interactive displays will create more fulfilling, memorable retail experiences. Read more about interactive retail displays.

2. Pop Up Shops

A pop-up shop is a growing trend where a brand randomly opens up a sales space for a short amount of time before closing it down. This is a great way to generate interest and create a sense of urgency for your product or brand. Pop-up shops are even spreading to online businesses, who are opening temporary stores to get a feel for the performance of their products in a real physical space. 

retail design3. Inviting, Home-Like Design

There’s no place like home. Creating a comfortable and inviting home-like design is a growing retail trend that has become increasingly popular.

“We are seeing the trend of creating a comfortable, home-like atmosphere in retail. The idea is that a store that feels like home attracts more customers and keeps them shopping longer.” – Randi Janes, Retail Account Manager at Bluewater

The cozy retail design trend essentially means creating a comfortable, inviting, home-like atmosphere. Retailers can incorporate design elements such as plush textiles, greenery, warm lighting, and wood to create a more welcoming, inviting space.

4. Immersive In-Person Experiences 

Engage shoppers and keep them coming back for more with an immersive in-store experience. The importance of creating experiences is highlighted by the fact that millennials today prefer spending more on experiences. For example, luxury outdoor clothing brand, Canada Goose, turned a regular shopping trip into an immersive experience. They created a multi-sensory experience by taking customers on an immersive trip inside the elements through interactive installations, large-scale video, and 4D cold environments. 

5. Touchless Technology 

The pandemic has resulted in massive changes in consumer behavior and the retail industry is being forced to adapt quickly. Embracing touchless technology is a step retailers can take in showing customers that they are invested in their safety. Contactless technology can include elements such as “smart mirrors” for trying on clothes, digital catalogs, and contactless payment options. Touchless retail solutions are most likely here to stay even post-pandemic.

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