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Temperature Scanning Solutions

Keeping you Safe as you Return to Work

Bluewater Temperature Check System

Perfect for Furniture Filled Spaces.

HD Temperature Monitoring Kiosks

Perfect for Any Space.

Tauri Temperature Check Tablets

Perfect for Small Spaces.

Bluewater Temperature Check System

The Bluewater temperature scanning system is perfect for creating a space where you don’t want medical equipment to be on display. The Bluewater system immerses a temperature scanning system into furniture grade housing to blend into nearly any environment. It serves as a functional yet sophisticated piece of furniture and is perfect for a waiting area in a corporate lobby, or even the entry to a large meeting space. This system can be customized to match many spaces within an office setting.

  • Blends in to your environment.
  • Touchless technology.
  • Extensive product options available.
  • Perfect for lobbies, waiting rooms, and large meeting spaces.
  • Scanning capabilities within 1 meter.
  • Accounts for ambient heat of the room.

HD Temperature Check Kiosks

Dynamic detection display uses advanced thermal detection capabilities to quickly scan the internal temperature of bodies. It can safely detect potential threats to your workplace and keep staff and visitors safe.

  • Non-touch scanning.
  • Network Capabilities.
  • Toggle capabilities for facial recognition
  • Optional card reader features to lock/un-lock doors.
  • Wall, table, & podium mounting options.
  • Accurate within 5 degrees celcius.

Tauri Temperature Check Tablets

The perfect temperature check solution for the small space or office. Ideal for side entrances too. Keep your office safe with infrared temperature scanning technology in a small and easy to move tablet.  Accurate and easy to read.

  • 3 Sizes Available (10.1, 15.6, 21.5 inches)
  • Accurate to .5 degrees celsius
  • Hygenic (Touchless Technology)
  • Stand up to 1-meter away (accounts for ambient room heat)
  • Results in 1 second
  • Software & Hardware is ready to use.