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Company-wide meetings can be an effective way to keep employees engaged and up-to-date with the goals and progress of your company. Unfortunately, as we move further into an increasingly digital world filled with dispersed teams and remote workers, it’s become more challenging than ever to hold company-wide meetings that truly engage everyone. In fact, we had this same issue here at Bluewater. With some employees working from our headquarters and many others working remotely, we had to figure out an effective way to bridge the gap between our on-site and off-site team members. There are so many virtual meeting platforms out there such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams that allow you to hold a company-wide meeting remotely but we were looking for something more engaging.

Meet Parallel

Parallel is a hybrid event platform that was actually built by the event professionals here at Bluewater. Parallel isn’t meant to replace real world events – it extends them. Whether you just need a simple web cam feed or a highly produced hybrid event, Parallel was designed to support the demands of high impact remote presentation and networking.

We utilized Parallel during our most recent All Hands Meeting to live stream the meeting to all of our employees whether they were joining remotely from home or from another office location. The Parallel platform allowed us to provide our remote attendees the opportunity to view the live meeting in real time as if they were actually there in person. Parallel also allows remote participants to connect with others and express themselves through chat, live polling, and fun emoji reactions. All of these interactive features result in a more engaging and fun experience for all employees.

Bluewater All Hands Meeting Streamed through Parallel

A Flexible Event Platform

Whether you’re looking to do something simple like streaming your company-wide meeting to employees in a wide range of locations or something more advanced like hosting an entire virtual or hybrid event, Parallel offers a wide range of features to help make your meeting or event a success!

  • Enterprise Grade Video
  • Layers of Content
  • Secure Registration
  • Interactive Features
  • Schedule Based CMS

Learn more about the Parallel platform at

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Connect with our Event Specialists

Parallel just might be the perfect companion for your next town hall, company meeting, or executive summit. Our Parallel hybrid event platform offers a variety of features and is cost effective, when compared to the competition. Learn more today about how a hybrid solution might be exactly what your next meeting or event needs. Connect with an event specialist today.