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In the past few years, LED technology has gone from being the display technology of choice for many leading-edge brands to a ubiquitous addition in offices and boardrooms across the world. Thanks to this rapid growth and advancements in manufacturing, LED video technology has also decreased in cost, making it a go-to platform for various types of corporate applications. One of these exciting new applications is the corporate lobby, where LED video can be used to completely reinvent a boring space – and an outdated brand presence.

As the marketing world enters a new age of non-traditional storytelling and reliance on technology and visual canvasses, LED video solutions deliver a fresh, innovative approach to branding. For many companies, this brand story starts in the lobby – the first place visitors experience a brand in person. One of the big reasons brands are turning to LED solutions for lobbies is that it provides a strong architectural and decorative tone to what could be just another dull office center or room. Instead of facing a simple reception desk or, one a poorly functioning suite directory, visitors come face-to-face with a complete visual brand immersion. From custom colors to animation and even video (which can easily be integrated with audio systems for maximum brand immersion), visitors will be excited and engaged with this ‘decorative’ addition.

LED video applications also help elevate a brand from a general marketing perspective. Marketing teams, product teams, and even executive teams can create immersive, engaging campaigns to share with visitors over the LED canvas. From welcome videos explaining the mission and vision of your brand to ticker banners with real-time updates to touch-screen enabled company overview infographics, LED applications in your lobby can share your brand message with visitors like never before.

Some additional benefits of an LED-optimized lobby include:

  • The ability to change content quickly: Business often changes direction quickly and which results in the need to update messaging in the most time-efficient manner possible. Instead of dealing with signage that needs to be reprinted over and over, LED video screens help teams save time and money in the long run.
  • A cutting-edge look for new visitors: Call it the ‘wow’ factor. It’s one thing to call yourself an innovative company on a sales call, and it’s another thing entirely to actually set up your business with a foundation built around innovative messaging platforms. When visitors, clients, and prospects come into your office space, wow them with your innovation and dedication to technology.
  • Fully collaborative spaces throughout your building: Who says a lobby can only be a lobby? With fully integrated, collaborative technology, LED can transform your lobby from an under-used waiting room to a place of idea sharing and innovation. Teams can quickly transform an LED screen from an overview video to a presentation, without ever leaving the lobby. Depending on the size these visual canvasses can be used to create impromptu meeting spaces for special announcements, celebrations, or other special meetings.

How Nexteer transformed their world headquarters with LED technology

The team at Nexteer knew they wanted to set the tone for what could be expected throughout their new-construction HQ in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As such the lobby was completely transformed into a two-story visual brand experience. Multi-pane LED walls, banners, and signage line the lobby, giving visitors no doubt about the brand is innovative and forward thinking in everything that they do. The Nexteer team took their love for LED a step beyond the lobby by adding visual screens and collaborative platforms throughout their entire office, from conference rooms to break rooms.

With LED in your lobby, your brand can update your corporate image and your brand presence in one fell swoop. Join hundreds of innovative brands who have worked with Bluewater on their AV marketing efforts – contact us today for more details!