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We are excited to announce the lineup for our 2018 Bluewater University program! We have a great team put together and can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

Chloe Linkner

Chloe comes to Bluewater’s Marketing/Operations team from the University of Michigan, where she’s a sophomore majoring in Information and minoring in Entrepreneurship! At school, she’s a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, Alpha Phi Sorority, The Michigan Daily, and the UMatter Teen Isolation Board. She was brought to Bluewater by her interest in the relationship people have with technology, and the experiences that technology creates! She says she’s looking forward to helping out with social media campaigns and analytics. Chloe says she loves hiking and has hiked the mountain that the North Face logo is modeled from. She also loves watching movies and informational videos on sloths.

Declan Cullen

Our next addition to the Marketing team is Declan from Northwood University! Declan is a junior in Northwood’s accelerated BBA/MBA program, majoring in Automotive Marketing and Management. His interest in Bluewater’s event work and LED displays are what brought him to the company, and he says he’s excited to learn how we connect with our customers! Declan has been involved in the Northwood Auto Show for three years, and works on cars with friends in his spare time! He and his brother have a baby blue 1979 Ford F100 that they’re trying to get running again. Declan says he’s excited to bring his previous experience and knowledge to the team to help out the company during his internship!

Johnny Tracy

Johnny joins Bluewater’s Human Resources department from Princeton University, where he majors in Economics and plans to graduate in 2021. At school, he plays football and is a member of the Princeton Faith and Action organization. Johnny says he’s excited to get his first taste of an actual business environment, and experience how one operates. What brought him to the Bluewater University program? Our in-house Samoyed, “Kaiya, of course!” One fun fact about Johnny is that he was born in New York City. He loves fishing, football, and says that his record for successful bottle flips in a row is eight!

James Thomason

James comes to the Live Events Team from Michigan State University, where he’s working toward his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical Design, with a minor in Arts and Cultural Management. At school he’s involved with the MSU Department of Theatre, as well as the Orchesis Dance Company, and the Milford Theatre Company. James says he was drawn to Bluewater because of our event design scale, as well as the structure and quality of our events! He says he’s excited to learn about our processes and technology that go into executing our live events. In his spare time, James goes to the gym and on hikes. He is also studying spoken and written Japanese, and says his favorite food is Ramen — which is great since he’s in college! 

Logan Dean

Logan joins the Audio Team this summer! She spent a year at Central Michigan University, but currently studies at Delta College, where she majors in Electronic Media, and expects to graduate in Winter 2019. After hearing about Bluewater during a shadowing experience, she decided to join our Bluewater University program. She says she’s excited about all of the aspects of her upcoming internship and looks forward to learning about audio engineering and everything that comes with it! In her free time, Logan likes to go for runs and play musical instruments — in fact, she’s the coach of her former high school band’s drumline! She also has two pet hedgehogs, named Quillium and Monster.

Brendan McCarthy

Northwood University junior Brendan McCarthy joins Bluewater University as an Operations intern! In school, Brendan majors in Advertising and Marketing, while also being a part of the Northwood International Auto Show, D3 Club Hockey, and DECA. Brendan wanted to join Bluewater after seeing some of our previous work and hearing about us from other people at Northwood, and he says he wants to learn more about working in a professional workplace. He says he’s also excited to learn more about the company and see how a business is run! Sports are an important part of Brendan’s life, and he calls himself a “diehard” Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Lions fan. Two of his hobbies are disc golf and hockey, the latter of which he plays at Northwood.

Want to join our team? Take a look at our open positions! If you want to chat, drop us a line.