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Frontline Support

Supporting healthcare professionals with tools to improve safety, create efficiencies, and communicate critical data.

From protective gear and tools for patient care, to infrastructure support for critical communication, Bluewater continues to look for innovative ways to help fight the war on this latest pandemic. Our team has brought several options to market to serve our frontline healthcare professionals in their fight against COVID-19, and will continue to look for innovative ways that we can help those who are serving us. 

Explore the options.

PPE Face Shields

A protective shield that provides an additional layer of defense for doctors and nurses working with affected patients. These medical face shields help improve the safety of those working on the frontlines, guarding them from projected droplets. Adjustable and lightweight. Manufactured using plastic, elastic, and foam.

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Medical Field Case

When global disruptions occur quick action is often required. We’re pleased to help essential workers in our healthcare industry with a highly custom Medical Field Case designed for fast deployment in crisis situations. These cases are ready to deploy for all of the healthcare sector in their battle with Covid-19 or any other emergency situation.

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Rapid Signage

During times of crisis, communication of critical information is essential to keep order, increase efficiency, and maintain safety. That process can be taxing if there isn’t an efficient way to distribute the required data points. Digital signage can help. Explore how our rapid signage can be leveraged to quickly keep information flowing. 

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Medical Field Bed

Our field bed provides an expandable patient cot with adjustable back, built into a road case that’s ready for transport. Stack them, ship them, and deploy them whenever and wherever patient care is needed. Paired with our medical field case it quickly creates a patient care space .

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Logistics & Project Management

Coordination and management the resources needed to deploy temporary treatment centers, clinics, or testing centers. Logistics support to ensure supplies are delivered where they are needed.

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