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Rapid Signage

When up-to-the-minute information is needed in healthcare, digital signage is the answer.

This is an unprecedented time in our history. As more and more Americans flock to COVID-19 testing sites, the need for clear, concise communication has never been greater. When information is changing fast and real-time updates are critical, static signage just doesn’t cut it. You need a communication method that’s more flexible, adaptable and impactful. You need digital signage. 

Bluewater is ready to quickly and efficiently deploy digital signage to your testing facility. We will provide the hardware, software, content templates and complete turnkey installation so you don’t need to source and manage multiple vendors One call does it all – quickly and efficiently. 


A few of the highlights.

  • Edit Content On-the-Fly
    Easy-to-use content templates allow users to edit professionally presented information quickly and easily on-the-fly as updates are received.
  • Display Real-Time Updates From Trusted Sources
    Built-in feature set enables real-time display of up-to-the minute information from trusted sources such as the CDC, WHO and various state governmental organizations.
  • Target Messaging to Specific Audiences
    Easy-to-use playlist management tools allow users to tailor content to specific audiences as desired throughout the day.
  • Complete Turnkey Package
    Bluewater will provide all the hardware and software, design the content templates to your brand standards, provision and install the system, and provide user training for you staff, all for one low fee.

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