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Field Medical Cart

Field Medical Carts Manufacturer: Frontline tools for managing care during crisis.

When global disruptions occur quick action is often required. This includes creating overflow treatment spaces when the usual healthcare facilities are taxed.  We’re pleased to help essential workers in our healthcare industry get to treatment faster with a highly custom Medical Field Cart designed for fast deployment in crisis situations. These cases are ready to deploy for all of the healthcare sector in their battle with Covid-19 or any other emergency situation that pushes us out of our normal routine. When paired with a field medical bed they provide everything required to create a complete patient care space.

  • Multiple drawers for PPE and medical supplies.
  • Configurable or modular interior casing (drawer, device housing, etc.).
  • Store large items such as durable medical equipment or portable furniture.
  • Integrate multiple patient monitoring systems.
  • Cord management for leads, lines, power, and networking.
  • Mountable points for sharps containers, file storage, etc.
  • Smooth and washable medical-grade materials.
  • Weather-tight cases for indoor/outdoor use and storage.

Sample Custom Case

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