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As a brand-new decade is right around the corner, it’s time to look towards 2020 and beyond. We’re talking about the continued growth of technology that will shape how our workforce engages and communicates with peers and customers day-to-day.  What will that look like in the future? None of us are exactly sure, but it’s safe to assume that new technology will be released at a record pace and the need to upgrade often will be a focal point. As this occurs companies will need to need to find creative ways to cost-effectively upgrade. The way of the future is conference room technology as a service.

As has always been the objective, corporate meeting spaces must be designed and optimized for productivity by being easy to use while also enhancing our ability to communicate with each other. While video conferencing isn’t new, companies still struggle getting their meeting spaces setup to make them wickedly simple to make one happen. 

We’ve already seen the definition of a conference room begin to shift and change, leaving stark, old school whiteboards with a single conference phone behind for state of the art video equipment, room reservation software, occupancy sensors, smart microphones, and so much more.  

Enter Conference-Room Technology as a Service!

Before the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model was actually a thing, buyers begrudgingly bought hardware and on-premise solutions to solve their needs. Fast forward a couple of decades, and we can’t imagine our companies without SaaS.  

In fact, SaaS has become the standard method of purchasing and deploying software, and the growth of the enterprise application software market reflects it. In fact, CEOs and C-Suite executives are adding subscription-based services to their tech stacks at a faster pace than ever. In fact, “51% of deployment budgets will be allocated to SaaS spend, 19% to PaaS (Platform as a Service) and 30% to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service),” as stated in a recent Gartner Report

The benefits of SaaS are endless, but a few reasons buyers so quickly adopted the model so quickly include:  

Lower up-front cost

Quick setup and deployment

Easy Upgrades


Today, companies face the same challenges they did when on-premise software was rampant, but this time the culprit is the conference room. Executives that we talk to understand how important it is to invest in office technology to connect employees, customers, partners, and prospective customers, but struggle with the fact that the (very expensive) technology is outdated so quickly and requires a large up front investment. These capital expenditures often time simply do not fit in the budget.

The Benefits of Conference Room Technology as a Service include:

Lower up-front cost: A Predictable monthly expense versus a large upfront investment that depreciates over time; your Finance team can predict exactly what will be spent each month, quarter, and year. Gone are large cap-ex spends in favor of small and affordable operating expenditures.

Quick setup and deployment: Your AV integration partner takes care of all of the setup and deployment of conference room tech for your company needs..

Easy upgrades: When your technology needs an upgrade, no longer do you have to carve out new capital budget; you simply keep paying the same amount while your AV integration partner “swaps” out the old tech for new. 

Service & Maintenance: Because your technology solutions are handled by your AV integration partner, they take care of any issues that arise including preventative maintenance and on-call support.  

Always have the latest technology: After three to four years when there’s new technology to help improve overall productivity, your current audio/video package can be swapped out and replaced with the latest improvements. Companies will simply continue with your monthly subscription payments, but always have the best technology. 

Is it time to Uplevel Your Conference Room Technology? If so, a subscription model might be the right choice for you from both a budgetary perspective and due tot he ability to always have the most cutting edge technology in your office.

Think back to your pre-digital days, when groups would huddle around a single microphone in a conference room or watch someone speak on a video call without hearing a single word they said. These situations are why conference room technology matters. It’s about creating a more efficient, more productive work environment to speed and improve decision making. Conference room technology as a service is a trend already picking up steam, and we here at Bluewater are now able to assist companies where this model may make sense.

At the end of the day, conference room tech is about one thing: giving your stakeholders more time back in their day to work on the projects that truly matter.  We’ll just help you do that with our conference room technology as a service offering; in a manner that is convenient and affordable.

Bluewater is a leader in conference room technology and A/V as a service. contact us today for more information.