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In a recent study from one of our partners, Barco, nearly 1,000 workers from different industries, seniority levels and company sizes were asked for their perspective on technology in their workplace and how their companies had navigated the ever growing remote landscape. The results were astounding.

A third of respondents noted that their “company has not prioritized investment in better hybrid working technologies” and nearly 25% stated they would “consider working for a company that better met their technology needs.

The research shows disconnect between what white-collar workers believe they need to succeed in the hybrid work environment and what they are actually receiving currently from their employers.

If we dive in a bit more, those interviewed identified video conferencing equipment as a key missing piece to their experience, noting that it should be an investment priority for their companies. 47% of respondents placed it at the top of their needs list for hybrid working. Additionally, nearly 80% of respondents agreed that all meeting rooms within company buildings should be equipped with video conferencing technology to better promote and enable hybrid way of working, not only between home based workers, but between office based workers at multiple locations.

A recap of some of the other findings, and priorities according to those employees interviewed can be found below:

  • 77% of office workers think that all meeting rooms need to be equipped with video conferencing technology
  • 34% complained that their company does not prioritize the investments the workforce needs for better hybrid working
  • 47% of office workers want their employers to invest in equipment for video conferencing e.g. cameras and speakers for their own home based or other remote based work.
  • 43% want wireless technology for meeting rooms
  • Over 25% desire to have some form of touchless automation in their conference rooms for when they are in the office.
  • 35% on the other hand want personal touchscreen devices.
  • 36% want technology which enables them to use their laptop as a command centre for meetings both in and out of the office

So the question arrises, how can we at Bluewater help you make certain your employees are having their technology needs met?