When Roger Penske and his team purchased the Indy Motor Speedway, (IMS) both the racing world and the greater sporting landscape knew that the winds of change were well on their way. The speedway has long been home to some of the most electrifying racing of anywhere on the planet, with fans on edges of their seats at every turn. It was their inability to see the race however from those seats that sparked a drastic need for change in the fan experience. The Indy Motor Speedway renovations will be talked about in the stadium and arena development space for years to come.

In recent years elements of the fan experience at the speedway had fallen into disrepair. Prior to the Penske acquisition the concourse areas were drab and stale, spectators could only view certain areas of the track, as blindspots were present due to pillars causing many to lose site of the action. The overall aesthetic lacked a modern tech infused feel present in many of today’s modern sporting venues. That needed to change if the Indy Motor Speedway was going to thrive in the coming years.

Enter Penske and all of this would soon change. Plans to add premium fencing, 5G coverage, an improved winners circle experience, and most importantly an infusion of technology were laid.

Bluewater became a focal point of this revitalization. We helped to upgrade the overall audio-visual (AV) experience within the venue through a wide range of projects. Bluewater added a total of 28 new LED video boards around the track including 24 along the Paddock seating. This area had suffered multiple blindspots for spectators who would lose visibility to the race when cars would go around the turn. This way those in attendance can watch the race via LED displays when the action isn’t right in front of them.

Bluewater also updated other video boards and displays in other areas of the iconic speedway. Our favorite part of this portion of the upgrade was the creation of a media wall located at the base of the pogoda facing the famous Pogoda Plaza. This wall is 100 feet wide and 20 feet tall! During the race it will provide data driven updates for those in attendance and even the possibility to watch a race from the external portions of the venue without missing a beat of the action.

This is just the beginning of Bluewater’s involvement at the iconic raceway. Check back often to hear more about the happenings at IMS and how we are continuing to help Penske elevate the fan experience for racing spectators. To see a complete recap of this phase of the project click here. NBC also covered the initial race once the project was completed. Their coverage can also be seen below. For more information on Bluewater, or our sports related offerings you may contact us any time and one of our AV specialists will answer any questions that you might have.