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How do I clean my shopping cart? Is that solution going to burn me or my child? Has that airport cart been disinfected in months, or are bacteria and viruses now crawling all over my luggage? These are real questions consumers and travelers are faced with on the heels of the Covid-19 pandemic. The state of airport and shopping cart sanitization is mostly an unknown, or at best an inconsistent process that varies from place to place. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our team at Bluewater Technologies has a longstanding history in the retail space when it comes to infusing technology and creating innovative solutions for some of the largest brands on the planet. Our client roster includes the likes of Walmart, Adidas, General Motors, and more. When we began to read story after story of children being burned by harsh chemicals used in sanitizing solutions, we knew we had to do something. You can read about some of these occurrences in these news articles; Article 1/Article 2. Combine this with what we saw with our own eyes upon visiting stores and we knew we had to create a change that lead to safer carts, and cleaner, completely sanitized carts. With our cart cleaning system, gone are the days where an employee wipes down a cart with harsh chemicals and misses many spots leaving you as a traveler or shopper exposed to germs that can make you sick!

We have developed a complete cart sanitization system for use on airport carts, shopping carts, and any other stores where carts may be used. Our revolutionary technology uses the power of medical grade UVC bulbs to kill bacteria and viruses. Shopping carts or airport carts come out sanitized in under a 60 seconds and the system holds up to 20 carts at once. Covid-19 and other viruses are killed in approximately 5 seconds using our system and there’s no harsh chemicals left behind to hurt you the shopper or the traveler. Shopping cart sanitization and luggage cart cleanliness will be at the forefront of our grocers, airports, and other retailers for years to come. The stores and airports that take this consumer need seriously will be the ones that instill customer confidence and ultimately generate more customers.

Cart Sanization System Highlights:

  1. Cleans 1-20 carts per cycle
  2. Cycle lasts approx. 60 seconds.
  3. Medical Grade UVC bulbs last approx. 3 years or 8,000 hours
  4. 3′ x 8′ in size means a small in-store footprint
  5. Kills viruses and bacteria in 5 seconds.
  6. No special electrical work. Just use a normal plug.
  7. ROI in as little as 8 months
  8. No cleaning solution needed.
  9. No water hookups needed
  10. No employee needed to run the sanitizer.

To learn more about our medical grade UVC shopping & airport cart sanitization system feel free to contact us any time. We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. With over 30 years of experience in the event, retail, and AV space we’re sure to have a solution that will make your customers safer and more secure.