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We’ve been talking about how you limit tech distractions in meetings. So far we’ve gone over how important your time is and what to do to make sure your technology is working. However, issues can arise with tech that aren’t always so blatantly related to the system, but rather from understanding its operation. Of course, we would argue ease of operation is absolutely a part of the system — but more on this later.

We previously illustrated the complexity of a corporate AV system by comparing them to the (relative) simplicity of a cable box connected to a TV. For just a moment think of how easy it is to operate your television at home. For most of you it should be second nature — you just grab the remote and go.

Now think about a time you have attempted to use a television that’s not your own. Maybe it’s a friends, in a hotel, or maybe just a new setup after a move. It can be insanely frustrating trying to navigate. Going from cable TV to satellite is enough to make you want to pull your hair out, yet each of these platforms provide you the same entertainment.

Corporate AV systems can be very similar in this regard. In many businesses, each room is slightly different. Some have Crestron or AMX control, some just have remotes for each device. Some may require BYOD for conferencing, others may have full AV endpoints. Without clear instructions, many systems are near impossible to operate for most users. Interestingly enough, most of these rooms are also missing instruction documentation.

One of the benefits of a service program is the support for training end users, and access to help desk resources that are available to answer questions regarding system operation when users need it. Part of a great service program includes ensuring that documentation is readily available for each room to ensure users can maximize productive meeting time and minimize the amount of time spent fiddling with the tech.

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