A refreshing and unique approach to National Nail's annual kickoff event.

National Nail is all about developing unique experiences that generate value and solving problems through a creative lens. So, when it became clear that they would not be able to host their Annual Kickoff event in the same face-to-face manner that was traditional for them, they quickly turned to Bluewater to develop a best-in-class virtual event that would leave attendees stunned and deliver equally flawless execution as they were always known to deliver. 

Our Bluewater team first learned of the National Nail Kickoff Event through one of our mutual clients, who helped both parties connect the dots and partner together confidently to produce an inspiring event for all attendees.  

Past National Nail Kickoff Events were typically hosted at the Amway Grand, which could host between 100-200 attendees. However, with Covid-19 capacity restrictions well underway, our Bluewater team acted quickly to bring the excitement and engagement of the in-person event over to virtual.  

We knew that this interactive event required more than a typical Zoom meeting or form of one-way communication. Instead, we utilized our best-in-class Parallel.Live virtual event platform and brought the entire production into our production studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan which provided presenters with premium audio and visual equipment that they could use to host presentations, along with an LED backdrop that could feature wrap-around branding, imagery and presentations. 

The virtual event was broadcast to virtual attendees all throughout the country from our Bluewater studios via Parallel.Live, and was produced and guided by our Bluewater virtual event production team. 

We also focused heavily on allowing both attendees and presenters to communicate through two-way communication features and chat, so it truly felt like a collaborative event. We used these same communication features to create an experience that allowed virtual attendees to feel as though they were having a direct conversation with the presenter, thanks to wall projectors. 

Our Bluewater team also used our Parallel.live platform to host virtual breakout rooms that allowed attendees to discuss individual, specific topics in a small virtual huddle space. Once breakout rooms were over, attendees could head back to the main general session to re-engage with other presentations. 

We were proud to help deliver a flawless and unique event for National Nail, and pride ourselves on our pre-production and product team’s work. Our biggest differentiator is our people, and our team worked to deliver an exceptional experience that attendees would remember for years to come. 

To learn more about Bluewater’s virtual event production capabilities or our Parallel.live platform, contact us today. 


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