Making travel safe and sanitized.

When it comes to ensuring that passengers have the best possible experience while traveling, Toronto Pearson airport is an international leader in the aviation sector, having set the standard for exceptional passenger service among large North American airports for three years in a row. 

So, when COVID-19 hit in early 2020 and altered the new realities of air travel, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) – the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport – made a commitment to their staff and their passengers that they would make health and safety health their number one priority, as a clear extension of their commitment to delivering the best customer experience. 

As part of a greater Healthy Airport initiative, GTAA reached out to our team at Bluewater for a sterilization solution for their luggage carts inside Toronto Pearson airport, as we had recently released our UVC Cart Sanitizing System, Soteria. At the heart of this system is medical-grade UVC bulbs which have been proven to kill over 99.9% of harmful germs & bacteria, including COVID-19.  

This was an ideal system for GTAA, as the Soteria unit could easily be expanded to accommodate the high volume and luggage turnover that they were accustomed to seeing come through their airports. As Canada’s busiest airport, serving more than 50 million passengers in 2019, efficiency and thoroughness were key for Toronto Pearson.  

Our team created two specialized units for the bagging areas at the airport that could be easily operated by airport staff and were extra-long, allowing staff to process up to 20 luggage carts at a time for thorough sterilizationOnce luggage carts are fed into the Soteria system, they are run through the UVC sanitization process and transformed into safe, spotless carts that travelers trust. 

Our Bluewater team designed the entire control panel system inside the Soteria units, including the product line control which acts as the brains to the sanitization machine. Our team also created custom-branding for both Soteria machines and vinyl wrapped them to match the Toronto Pearson InternationaAirport brand and messaging. 

These Soteria luggage cart sanitization units act as a part of GTAA’s five-point Healthy Airport commitment, which includes the highest standards for cleaning and hygiene, clear communications and the introduction of innovative technology advancements, including touchless check-in, a disinfection corridor for airport workers, facility monitoring for congestion, autonomous floor cleaning machines and air quality monitors.   

It is this commitment that awarded Toronto Pearson “Best hygiene measures by region” in North America by Airports Council International (ACI) – the global trade representative of the world’s airports.  

“This new accolade is largely the result of Pearson’s Healthy Airport initiative,” Toronto Pearson published in a press release, “Which is a multi-layered approach to creating a safe and healthy airport experience through enhanced cleaning informed by an industrial hygienist; measures such as mask wearing and limited terminal access; innovative solutions such as UV-C light disinfection and air quality monitoring; and a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge through various testing trials as four foundational pillars of the program. 

Our team at Bluewater was proud to be a part of this initiative through the use of our Soteria UVC sterilization system. To learn more about Soteria and UVC cleaning technology, be sure to contact us today.  


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