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When you think of lighting what comes to mind? Is it the buzz of fluorescent? The heat from traditional incandescent bulbs? Maybe you already think about the cooler glow of LED fixtures?

Most of the time when you mention lighting, thoughts immediately go to functional light like this. But lighting can be used for so much more than just providing a means for illumination. When you’re creating an experiential space, lighting can make things really exciting.

Lighting as an art is all around us. From restaurants to bridges to the entertainment industry. Take a look at any of the holiday light shows put on around the world, or every major concert. All of them use light to transport an audience. The beauty of this approach is twofold: for one it can be absolutely beautiful, and second it can be a really cost effective option to create an experience.

Here are just a few examples of lighting being applied for something more than illumination.

Yotel NYC

This hotel has lighting elements baked into the fabric of the building. At night, everything comes to life. The outside begins to glow purple. Inside, there are lighting elements hidden everywhere that cast color. The ceiling in the lobby / bar even comes to life with a subtle pulse — those shapes in the ceiling glow, change color, and feel very much alive.

Animator’s Palate

On board the Disney Magic Cruise Ship there is a restaurant called the Animator’s Palate. This restaurant leverages lighting to create an incredible journey for its patrons. At the start of a meal the entire facility is black and white. As guests dine, lighting elements begin to change color, bringing life to the room. By the end of the meal the entire restaurant is filled with color and motion.

Jacques Cartier Bridge

In Montreal there is a bridge — the Jacques Cartier — that has been outfit with light fixtures to transform an architectural utility into a beautiful art installation right in the heart of the city. This lighting can be programmed for light shows, or connect to live data to give real time interactive feedback via color.

How else can lighting create experiential space? 

  • Guide Lighting
  • Light Shows
  • Ambient Light
  • Data Driven Color

 You don’t have to break the bank to create larger-than-life experiential environments.  A little creativity and some lighting elements can go a long way. If you’re curious to learn more about applying lighting to your space, hit contact below! 

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