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Virtual Events

Virtual Event Technology Solutions: Keep the content, move to online events.

When a global disaster or outbreak happens, one of the first preventative measures that people take to protect themselves and their community is to limit domestic and international travel in order to avoid exposure. Similarly, in-person events also tend to be limited when worldwide disasters break out.

Unfortunately for businesses, a halt to travel can often mean a halt to important and regular business practices, such as trade shows, conferences, expos, sales meetings, corporate off-sites, and live events in general.

Just because you may not be able to travel to attend a large-scale in-person event doesn’t mean that the event must be canceled altogether. Bluewater offers a number of ways to virtually host an event and collaborate with event attendees. One way to transition a face-to-face meeting or conference to a virtual event is by streaming your meetings or sessions right from your office or conference room. This is called video conferencing, and it provides the same audience engagement as an in-person event experience.

Webcast Video Streaming

Web streaming an event from your local headquarters is not only a very effective and efficient way to host an event when traveling isn’t an option, but it is also a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers or attendees, even outside of when global disruption happens. 

And the best part? You don’t need a large footprint to do so. By utilizing an off-the-shelf or custom set design, you can provide a great atmosphere to host your event. Plus, these days, the majority of businesses are already set up with the right IT infrastructure to be able to handle a web stream. There’s a strong possibility that you already have the technological requirements to host all sorts of virtual experiences for a global audience, from webinars to virtual conferences. 

Our team works with marketers, agencies, and business leaders (along with IT teams), to determine the right fit for virtual events. This includes technology, labor, and all of the digital content needed for full on-site production. We can even record the live video stream so that it can be viewed on-demand.

Drive Engagement Anywhere

It all depends on the type of virtual event you would like to host. Most in-person events can make the transition to virtual. Whether you want to simply video chat with your sales team or host an entire virtual trade show in real-time. Regardless of your event needs, we can provide the perfect virtual event platform to make it a reality

Streaming is a very quick and easy method to create customizable virtual event solutions when you’re in a pinch.


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