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The U

A metro-Detroit streaming and film studio rental.

With more employees, customers, and partners working remotely, it can become a challenge to share the same kind of high-impact contact that comes with an in-person Town Hall or All Hands meeting.

Of course, business must go on, but that doesn’t mean that your message should get diluted along the way. In fact, it may be more important than ever that you are creating high-quality, high-impact content when sharing over screens, to truly ensure that your message gets heard.

However, not every production facility is outfitted with the space necessary to quickly capture and stream high-quality live stream video content. That’s where Bluewater’s streaming studio, The U, comes in. You can reach people from our sound stage studio as if you were in your own conference room.

Our best-in-class webcasting / live streaming video studio setup utilizes the same film production technology that is currently being used by Hollywood to create features like The Mandalorian. And by teaming up with our team of graphic and AV experts, you can leverage this technology to create stunning, life-size content to showcase, interact with, or even create your own lifelike backdrop for your digital content using an advanced white cyclorama screen (this is a curved white CYC wall that works like a green screen).

Not only will our team work hard to create an on-brand look and feel for your content, but we’ll also operate the studio space throughout production, stream the content to your organization using high-speed wifi, and film and edit the content for long-term distribution utilizing our professional post-production expertise. We truly are a state-of-the-art full-service video recording production company!

You simply show up with the script, and we’ll make sure that everything looks and sounds perfect.


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